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I am a fire rabbit 1987, and my husband is a water pig 1983. We have a daughter born in 2019 earth pig year.

I was wondering when we should start trying for another baby? Is the metal ox born 2021 compatible with us? We are hoping we will be blessed to have three children total in the future, which upcoming years do you suggest for compatibility and safe deliveries?

Thank you so much!

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The best zodiac sign for your next children are Tiger (born between 02/01/2022 and 01/21/2023) and Sheep (born between 02/06/2027 and 01/25/2028).
Thank you for your answer! Out of curiosity is the ox very unfavorable for us?
Ox is okay for you but not the best. You can consider to have the next baby born in the Ox year, it will not unfavorable for you.

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