Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Dog

Dog's Best and Worst Match

Best Match: Tiger, Rabbit, Horse
The Dog and Tiger people could be good brothers because they both have a sense of justice. In work, The Dog could assist the Tiger well making the task finished smoothly. As they have common goals, they are a good pair in love as well.

The Dog and Rabbit people are both conservative and honest. So, they appreciate each other’s character. No matter in work or marriage life, they could respect the other and get along well.

Both the Dog and Horse people are ready to help others and honest. They could help others at their own expense. The horses are capable and powerful however don’t act steadfastly when doing things. The diligent dogs usually play a complementary role in horses’ life.

Worst Match: Ox, Dragon, Sheep, Rooster
In relationship with the Ox people, the Dogs have few common languages with them because the great difference in interests and goals. No matter in work or life, the stubborn Ox people hate to be together with the Dogs as they like to criticize them sharply.

The people that the Dog don’t trust in and conflict most are the Dragon.

The Dog is easy to conflict with the Sheep as they both are not good at expressing their feelings. If they lack communication, they are hard to be friends or partners.
The Dogs and Roosters don’t like each other’s character which makes them hard to be lovers. In work, the creative Roosters usually look down upon the Dogs. Disputes will be inevitable in life due to their character differences.

Male Dog's Relationship Compatibility

For Male Dog Match Score Note
Male Dog + Female Rat 85 You are a happy match that loves each other with an undying affection.
Male Dog + Female Ox 60 You are both loyal, careful and responsible to your marriage, but you need to better understand each other and to make moderate compromise when necessary.
Male Dog + Female Tiger 90 Both of you are innate idealists, kind, optimistic and warm-hearted enabling you are truly a match made by heaven.
Male Dog + Female Rabbit 95 You are a couple with good cooperation and frankness.
Male Dog + Female Dragon 20 Your marriage is a combination of love and hate. You are on guard against each other instead of treating each other with the true heart.
Male Dog + Female Snake 75 Communication and understanding are very important for your marriage and family life.
Male Dog + Female Horse 90 Thanks to your mutual efforts, trust and support, you can build up a happy and vigorous family.
Male Dog + Female Sheep 40 Your interests clash with each other, and you often have to deal with conflicts.
Male Dog + Female Monkey 80 Both of you have a broad mind and a tolerant soul, which makes your combination very solid.
Male Dog + Female Rooster 50 You two like to stick to your own opinions and won't concede when there are different ideas.
Male Dog + Female Dog 80 You are a sweet couple that share common concepts and be frank to each other.
Male Dog + Female Pig 75 You can live a peaceful life together since neither of you cares the other's shortcomings.

Female Dog's Relationship Compatibility

For Female Dog Match Score Note
Female Dog + Male Rat 75 You are a couple that cannot bear to part from each other.
Female Dog + Male Ox 50 The male ox can't learn to accept the female dog's care and favour making the female dog feel him cold and passionless.
Female Dog + Male Tiger 90 You are a couple with a close and loving relationship. Both of you leave enough free space for the other party.
Female Dog + Male Rabbit 95 You complement to each other very well. Both of you can fully understand and support the other's demand.
Female Dog + Male Dragon 30 Due to your utterly different dispositions, your life together will be full of conflicts.
Female Dog + Male Snake 70 Although you have different values for life, both of you are willing to compromise and make efforts in order to go further.
Female Dog + Male Horse 90 You will live in harmony and mutual respect and grow old together.
Female Dog + Male Sheep 60 Both of you hope to enrich your relationship through communication and efforts, although it always goes crisscross.
Female Dog + Male Monkey 80 You admire and understand each other. Marriage makes you much maturer.
Female Dog + Male Rooster 55 Both of you like to argue with others. It's hard for you to stay together for long if you don't learn to be considerate.
Female Dog + Male Dog 80 You are a sweet couple that share common concepts and be frank to each other.
Female Dog + Male Pig 85 Both of you are loyal and restrained in your marriage life.

Best Matches Based on Dog's Birth Month

Following are best matches for the Dog people born in different months. For example, if you were born in February and you are a girl, then your best match zodiac sign is the Tiger.
Birth Month of the Dog Personality of the Dog Girl's Match Boy's Match
Jan. leisurely and steadfast Sheep Rooster
Feb. enjoying challenges Tiger Sheep
Mar. realistic Rat Pig
Apr. ambitions Horse Ox
May. frank and lovely Dragon Horse
Jun. extravagant Ox Tiger
Jul. kindhearted and optimistic Tiger Dragon
Aug. critical Rabbit Horse
Sep. free and easy Horse Tiger
Oct. genial and upright Snake Snake
Nov. cool-headed and having high sprit Horse Rat
Dec. faithful and diligent Rat Horse

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