The Female Rabbit in Love

The calm, kind, gentle and honest female Rabbits have their own principles in love. Once they break up or say no to someone, they would never change their minds. So, don't act like the lovelorn fool to stay by her side because it is just knocking your head against a brick wall. Rabbit women can be good wives who can win glory for their husbands and be envied by many people. In fact, they are quite dependent and fragile in love.

Female Rabbits' Attitude towards Love

Obsessed with appearance, women born in Rabbit years are easily attracted by handsome and humorous men. To win the love of your Rabbit girl, you have to watch your dressing and improve your cultivation to be well-spoken. Their love is just like the wind and they would never stop for someone they don't like.

How Should Female Rabbits Maintain Love Relationship?

Once the flame of love is kindled, female Rabbits wish to get all the deep love from their men and would be dedicated to the relationship. Sometimes, they are so sensitive that they may feel being deceived and get angry though their men have not infidelity at all, and even imagine of a potential rival in love and tell their men about it. However, men dislike such kind of nervous women. Therefore, female Rabbits are suggested not to be suspicious but trust their love with trust to enjoy the better relationship.

How to Know How Much a Female Rabbit Loves You

Obsessively clean in love, your Rabbit woman is demanding for you and do not allow you to have any ambiguous behaviors or words with other girls; you must fulfill every promise to her and she will be unhappy or disgusted with your bad habits. But if she wants to marry you, she would forget the previous high standards and strict rules, and even become mad about your quirk and think it lovely. If you find she indulges your bad habits unconditionally. It means she wants to be with you for the whole life.

What Kind of Men Do Rabbit Women Like?

1) Brave and Aggressive
Men In daily life, female Rabbits are weak and dependent and they prefer the aggressive and bold men who can give them the sense of security. That's why Rabbit women favor the aggressive, decisive and responsible men and dislike those who are hesitant and shirk their responsibility.

2) Elegant Men
Female Rabbits seek the plain life and pay attention to the cultivation of temperament. In daily life, they prefer the knowledgeable and elegant men who have their own views and share the same topics with them to those who are rude, unlearned and rest on their laurels.

3) Good Talkers
Despite the pursuit of peaceful life and no argument with others, Rabbit girls are actually gifted with good eloquence and capable of dealing with complex interpersonal relationships. As a result, they have no resistance to good talkers who can get along with everyone and dislike the ineloquent and dull men.

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