The Female Ox in Love

Female Oxen are introverted and refrained in expressing feelings yet very serious and persistent in love. They would not publicize the relationship unless it goes steady. Hence, the good news often makes their relatives quite surprised. Besides, women under the Ox sign tend to experience several ups and downs in love when they are young, such as being deceived or stepping in others' marriage and they would not settle down unless they experience several relationships.

Female Oxen's Attitude towards Love

Once the Ox women fall in love with someone, they would be whole-hearted and never change their minds even if someone better appears. They are so jealous and possessive that they can become selfish and self-willed, making their partners cannot bear and even want to run away. In marriage, women born in Ox years are conservative and loyal to their husbands and they can maintain the marriage for the whole life.

How Should Female Oxen Maintain Love Relationship?

The introverted and stubborn Ox girls are very constant in love and they would tolerate silently and take all the blame on themselves if meet the bad guys. Where they are betrayed, they would blame themselves and think that they must have done something wrong or they are not good enough. Even if their boyfriends/husbands shift the blame unreasonably, they would accept, making others feel angry yet helpless.

Ox women are suggested not to accept and tolerate unconditionally since love is a mutual thing. Otherwise, it will widen the gap in love and make them hurt. 

How to Know How Much a Female Ox Loves You

With an above-average rational thinking, female Oxen like to make all kinds of plans, such as financial management and career planning. If your girlfriend under the Ox sign often tells you her long-range planning, such as how much to save every month and when to buy a house, get a driving license or buy a car, and most importantly, you are in the planning, it means she wants to marry you and is planning about your future life. So don't be upset or agitated when you hear this.

What Kind of Men Do Ox Women Like?

1) Gentlemen
Ox women are quite conservative and traditional in daily life and they dislike the overly straightforward pursuit. Those gentlemen who are polite and extremely considerate are preferred by girls born in Ox years. This is why female Oxen are fond of gentlemen and fed up with those impulsive and rough in manner.

2) Practical and Capable Men
The steady and sure Ox women often get what they want thru hard work, thus attracted to those steadfast and diligent men who move to success step by step and dislike those boastful men who make no attempt to progress and dream of a skyrocketing rise.

3) Men True to Love
Female Oxen are rather traditional in life. When they start a relationship, they would take their love as the center of their life, help to arrange everything and make their love have no worries behind. Also, they are quite possessive to love and can be jealous of any disloyalty of their partners. As a result, they like men who are true to love and hate the playboys fickle in affection.

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