How to Know an Ox is in Love with You?

Ox is a pretty pragmatic sign and people under this sign rarely become enamored, as they usually focus on work and study in most case. When an Ox does fall in love with someone, he/she would give you everything he/she has. Then, how to figure out whether an Ox is really in love with you?

Watch You Silently & Figure out Your Interests

Seemingly dull and robotic, Oxen like to work and live alone in daily life and they are experienced, steady and rational. Even if an Ox falls in love with you, he/she will watch you silently and figure out your interests first before he/she expresses his/her love for you.

Too Shy to Look into Your Eyes

Ox people can be very shy, even bashful when he/she really falls in love with you. He/she can be too shy to look into your eyes, because he/she doesn't want to leave a bad impression and is at a loss in front of true love.

Take a Chance to Borrow Something from You

When a person born in the year of the Ox really falls for you, he/she will take action to draw your attention. For example, he/she will take a chance to borrow something from you or chat up with you. Even if he/she is shy in the face of true love, he/she wants the chance to develop the relationship.

Offer Help Immediately When You Are in Trouble

Whenever you are in trouble, the ox people will offer help immediately to fix the problem. Because of this, you can be moved and think he is quite down-to-earth and pragmatic. In the eyes of Ox people, real love is about practical action rather than saying something sweet. 

Always Care about You by Asking ''Have You Eaten?''

Perhaps some people say hello and ask if you have eaten by courtesy only. But if an Ox person keeps asking every day, he/she must have a reason and is caring about you silently from the details of life. Asking ''have you eaten?'' is just a way he/she shows his care about you. 

Treat You Like a Priority

As long as a person under the Ox sign falls in love with you, he/she will treat you like a priority and immerse himself/herself in your life - you are the only one in his/her eyes and everything else has nothing to do with him/her.
If an Ox man or woman around you has the above signs, he/she must love you very much and be determined in the relationship because Ox is the most faithful sign in love among the 12 animal signs. 

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