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Both my husband and son are born in year of OX. 1972 and 2021 respectively. I am born in Monkey year 1980. Am planning to have a kid in Dragon year 2024. Read some article and say that OX and Dragon are not compatible. Is it true?

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OX and Dragon are just compatible with each other. Don't worry about it. Following are zodiac signs that are not compatible with each other.

● Six Offending (Conflicting) Groups (Liu Chong 六冲)
1. Rat and Horse 2. Ox and Sheep 3. Tiger and Monkey 4. Rabbit and Rooster 5. Dragon and Dog 6. Snake and Pig

● Six Harming Groups (Liu Hai 六害)
1. Rat and Sheep 2. Ox and Horse 3. Tiger and Snake 4. Rabbit and Dragon 5. Monkey and Pig 6. Rooster and Dog

● Punishment Groups (Xiang Xing 相刑)
1. Rat and Rabbit 2. Tiger, Snake and Monkey 3. Sheep, Ox and Dog

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