The Male Ox in Love

Male Oxen are mild yet stubborn inside and know clearly about what they want. In love relationship, they are the slow-type people who are prudent, gentle and fond of delicate women. They look forward to the lifelong love but often feel lost when they are in such a relationship. 
Men under the Ox sign are family-oriented and protect their family very well from any harm. They are nice to their wives and children and would go home immediately after work to enjoy family life. One of their merits is that they enjoy doing housework, making their partners feel quite happy. 

Male Oxen's Attitude towards Love

The calm, kind, low-key and restrained male Oxen pursue the steady life and don't like to be flamboyant. In love relationship, they warm up slowly and are not good at speaking sugared words or creating romantic surprises to delight their partners. However, they are very faithful and can bring the steadiest life to their loved ones. With a tolerant attitude towards love, they listen to their wives and think their women are always right. 

How Should Male Oxen Maintain Love Relationship?

Ox men know clearly what they want in love but care less about what the other side wants. Perhaps they can work hard to meet the material needs of their love, but just cannot fulfill the latter's psychological needs. Therefore, the conservative and dull male Oxen are suggested to read the mind of their love and create some surprises to improve the relationship. 

How to Know How Much a Male Ox Loves You

Most of the time, male Oxen are meticulous and poker-faced and no one can read their inner thoughts. As poor talkers, they seldom speak sugared words like ''I love you'' because they will be ashamed of it. Generally, they won't speak such words unless they are softhearted or really in you. If your man says ''I love you'' with loving eyes, he would take you as the only one in the rest of life. But he may only say the words after you get married. For example, when he sees the happy family you bring to him, he will be moved and say ''I love you''.

What Kind of Women Do Ox Men Like?

1) Gentle and Kind-Hearted Women
The gentle and kind-hearted male Oxen take good care of people around and they wish to marry a woman who is also caring and gentle. In their opinions, women of this type are simple and can take good care of them in life. Also, Ox men do not have to make great efforts to read the minds of this kind of women.

2) Women Filial to Their Parents
Men born in Ox years are family-oriented and filial to their parents and they hope their partners can also show filial piety to their parents and take care of the family, so that they can focus on their work without the worries behind.

3) Responsible Women
With a strong sense of responsibility, male Oxen are highly responsible in life and fond of women who can take the initiative to undertake responsibility and never shift the blame. They believe that if a woman shirks her due responsibility, she cannot share weal and woe in marriage.

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