The Female Horse in Love

Female Horses are energetic, active and open to challenges, yearning for freedom like kids and looking forward to responsive chord in the hearts. Cheerful, quick-witted and proud as they are, Horse women sometimes would bury their heads in the sand like an ostrich. Once they fall in love, they would never admit defeat. Even if their men are not the right one or do not love them, they would insist on for the purpose of making a good showing.

Female Horses' Attitude towards Love

Women born in Horse years pursue both love and liberty. For them, material is not the top priority. If you want to win the love of a Horse girl, you need to be moderate and give her both love and freedom because she is just like a wild steed and unable to bear the loneliness and dull life. Horse women are very sensitive to the crisis of love, and it is said that once they fall in love, they would easily lose everything.

How Should Female Horses Maintain Love Relationship?

The proud Horse women tend to dominate in love relationship and they are used to being domineering and making fun of their men's success. Perhaps this is not intentional but in the eyes of men, it is the trample on their pride. There is neither lowliness nor nobleness in love. It is wrong for them to hold a superior attitude like a princess, which will be nothing good but ruin the relationship. Female Horses need to know that love is equal and they should not ignore their men.

How to Know How Much a Female Horse Loves You

In the eyes of the proud Horse girls, only the mighty men can bring them a better life and are qualified to marry them. If your Horse girl takes the initiative to take you to her family and introduces you to her friends and relatives, it means she has taken you as her fiancé and wants more people to know you. So, be nice and try to leave a good impression to her friends and family.

What Kind of Men Do Horse Women Like?

1) Mature and Considerate Men
Horse women, though broad-minded and caring for everyone around, are actually sensitive inside. In daily life, they prefer the mature and considerate men who can give them the shelter and the sense of security and take care of them thoughtfully, and dislike the immature men who deal with affairs jejunely.

2) Warm and Outgoing Men
Female Horses are warm, cheerful and spirited in daily life and they seek the active and optimistic men who always smile warmly. Generally, they are attracted by the enthusiastic and optimistic men rather than the pessimistic.

3) Dedicated Men
Seemingly careless in life, Horse women would be extremely devoted to love once they start a relationship and hope their boyfriends can do the same. Therefore, they are easily attracted by faithful men constant in love and dislike those who are two-timing and unfaithful.

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