The Male Horse in Love

Male Horses are free men living in freedom and it seems that nothing can defeat them and they are always worry-free. In love relationship, they are big-hearted and sincere and would treat their loved ones in an optimistic and sincere attitude, which in turn drives their lovers to be more optimistic about love and life. Generally, they would bear the feeling of loss alone and bring joys to the other side.

Male Horses' Attitude towards Love

Driven by the domineering temperament, the cheerful and vigorous Horse men wish their women can submit to them. Anyhow, they tend to spoil their wives in marriage. Sometimes, they can be childish. For example, they may plan the long-distance backpacking trip with their partners when they are old. This kind of young mind often rejoices their love. Besides, they enjoy freedom and passion in love, value the private space and dislike the clingy girlfriends. They hope to get on like friends with their girlfriends.

How Should Male Horses Maintain Love Relationship?

Men born in Horse years are demanding for the opposite sex and longing for the beautiful, talented and sociable women. Such kind of perfectionism is actually full of desires - Horse men are so face-saving that they hope to shine in every aspect. As a matter of fact, love is not a show but something true and it cannot be made into a film to steal the spotlight. Horse men are suggested to love with sincerity and spend the quiet and warm time belonging to lovers. Many wonderful moments come from mutual affinity which doesn't need to be completely told or displayed to others.

How to Know How Much a Male Horse Loves You

Men under the Horse sign would not say ''I love you'' in public. When your Horse man really falls for you, he would stay late to chat with you on Facebook or Twitter and then visit your page to check any information about you. Next day, he would say ''morning'' early. When he falls for you, he would get confident, reach out to you with an optimistic attitude and ask you to hang out frequently. On your birthday or special occasions, he would prepare for the gift elaborately several days in advance.

What Kind of Women Do Horse Men Like?

1) Gentle and Virtuous Women
Male Horses are childish and incapable of looking after themselves well despite the excellent working competence. Therefore, they are easily attracted by gentle and virtuous women who can take good care of them and dislike the careless iron ladies. 
2) Cheerful Women
The optimistic and cheerful Horse men are well disposed towards women who are also optimistic and always smile in daily life but have no knowledge about how to get on with the introverted and shy girls.  
3) Women Adoring Them
Generous and caring as they are, Horse men are chauvinistic and enjoy the adoration of others. As a result, they are usually touched by women who admire, praise and depend on them in daily life despite the appreciation on independent women. 

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