How to Know a Horse is in Love with You?

Horse is an energetic sign open to challenges and yearning for freedom like children. When a person under the Horse sign falls in love with you, he/she would try to display his/her strengths and confidence, care about you every now and then and keep giving attention to you. Read and figure out the signs of Horse people fall in love with you.

Attract Your Attention

Horse people enjoy issuing orders most and they love to boss their love to attract the latter's attention and take the sweetheart under control. You can see that Horses are pretty possessive in the realm of love. If you enjoy freedom, think about it carefully whether he/she under the Horse sign is the right one for you.

Say Yes and Mean No

When it comes to love relationship, the most common mistake Horse people make is duplicity. If you want to know whether a Horse person has a sweetheart, just see whether he/she often complains about someone in daily life. If yes, he/she must already have a crush on the one! A Horse can love you very much but just refuse to admit it and say the opposite, because he/she has a sharp tongue but a tender heart.

Fix Things for You

No matter what they encounter in real life, people born in the year of the Horse want to fix in the simplest way and they particularly mind the form in which problems are dealt with because they are so afraid of trouble. When a Horse takes you as the real love, he/she must like to show off very much and would take every chance to fix problems for you for the purpose of showing himself/herself and attracting your attention.

Pretended to Be Hurt

In real life, Horse people can be simple-minded and poor at showing off or attracting attention. When they fall in love with someone, they may have no idea about how to show personal strengths but would talk to friends or their crush when in bad mood, so as to seek comfort and feel good. If a Horse has a crush on you, he/she would pretend to be hurt to attract your attention.

Play Intimate Jokes

Horse people seem like cold fishes in life. Of course, this is limited to the time when they face strangers and they are completely different in the face of loved ones. A Horse person can be very cheerful and even play all kinds of jokes to make you happy when he/she is in love with you. What's more, he/she would test you to attract you and make you know his/her love.

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