Metal-type People

What do Metal-type people look like?

In our life and work, there is a kind of people who like to dominate others, such as former US President George W. Bush and Britain's first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; they are domineering and self-motivated, and will never stop until they reach their goal. Also, they are very dignified but have strong vanity and pride. They always feature wide forehead, high eyebrow, deep eyes, white and square face and they are tall and strong. This kind of people can become an officer or make a fortune because they are very capable! This is the typical metal-type people who are born leaders both outside and in.


Metal people are born with the metal element, thus vigorous and strong. Most of them have a broad forehead, a demeanor of military and political leaders and a mind as broad as the sky. Generally, metal people have a balance of Yin and Yang, thus neither extraverted nor introverted, neither haughty nor humble but in a temperate manner. They are heroic and generous in aiding needy people, and pay attention to etiquette and sense of honor; also, they are ambitious, motivated and self-willed, featuring strong self-esteem, and some of them are extremely conceited. Metal types tend to be responsible, disciplined and loyal to friends and always have good relationship with people around. However, they are a bit of cunning, can take temporary setbacks and play their cards well; they like to pick holes and tell lies.


Metal types always impress others with their broad forehead, wisdom and leadership demeanor, featuring square and white face, clear facial contour, square shoulder, slender waist, small hands and feet but big bones; they are strong but not fat and they have medium height.

Temperamental Traits

Strengths: Metal people are decisive, persistent, authoritative, concentrated and purposeful; they are generous in aiding needy people and like to make friends; also, they are prudent, far-sighted, vigorous, good at organizing, very independent and uncompromising; they tend to pursue the goal urgently and get used to the stable field.
Weaknesses: Metal-type people are impatient, inflexible, stubborn, critical, harsh, self-centered and love comparing with others.

Talking Ways

Metal people like to issue orders, lecture other people, harangue and spout; they are humorous and like to make jokes, assume and compare with others; however, they often talk vacuously and conclude hastily. Meanwhile, they are very stubborn.


Metal types tend to love spicy and sweet rather than bitter food; like gold, silver and other bright colors except red; they are romantic, love to look good and like art, beautiful and luxury enjoyment; also, they like to receive gifts and the mechanical toys.


Metal people are broad-minded, farsighted, prudent and good at organizing, thus the born leaders. As the Analects of Confucius goes, ''A good scholar will make an official.'' Therefore, if you are a metal type with certain cultural literacy, choosing to be an official will be the best choice for you. Metal types generally have political savvy and they will benefit the people and get promoted smoothly if they focus on cultivating morality. However, their official career tends to be threatened by their hypocrisy, vanity and monopoly. Therefore, metal people should always remember the hexagram Qian and hexagram Kun in the Book of Changes: ''As heaven maintains vigor through movements, a gentle man should constantly strive for self-perfection. As earth's condition is receptive devotion, a gentle man should hold the outer world with broad mind.'' Metal people generally have no problem in constantly striving for self-perfection but they should be broad-minded.

Marriage Life and Family

Since metal people are dominating and aggressive, their spouse must be in a subordinate position. No matter male or female metal people, water and earth types will be the best choices for getting married. Otherwise, metal people will make their spouse cannot bear psychologically due to their own reasons, leading to the failed marriage. Such kind of people tend to be devoted to their career, so the subordinate spouse or relatives should fully support their career pursuit and have the spirit of self-sacrifice. Metal people always have a tense relationship with their children who are always rebellious. If you are a metal type, you should respect the family's career and life pursuit, or you will suffer from being utterly isolated.


Metal people are prone to the diseases like skin disease, stomatopathy, cough, allergy, tuberculosis, asthma, pneumonia, enterogastritis, diarrhea, nocturnal emission, insomnia, high fever, neck, shoulder and back pain, thyropathy, depression, psychentonia, and sensation of chill.
Since metal people are born with pathogenic dryness of gold and lung belongs to gold in five elements, the pathogenic dryness reaches to the lung and makes the metal people prone to lung diseases. As a result, keeping the moist lung is important for the health preserving of metal types. If they are too tired and excited or overtax their brains, they will easily have a headache. Metal people have a heat constitution and they are prone to Yin deficiency.

Associated Properties

Zodiac signs (yang): Monkey
Zodiac signs (yin): Rooster
Seasons: Autumn
Colors: White, Golden, Silver
Numbers: Numbers with 4 or 9
Directions: West
Organs (Yin): Lungs
Organs (Yang): Large Intestine
Tastes: Spicy
Birth Year Ends with: 0, 1
Personality and Horoscope for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs of Metal Element:
Metal Rat    Metal Ox    Metal Tiger    Metal Rabbit    Metal Dragon    Metal Snake    Metal Horse    Metal Sheep    Metal Monkey    Metal Rooster    Metal Dog    Metal Pig

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