Earth-Type People

What do Earth-type people look like?

There is a kind of people who are big-bellied, tolerant, honest, good-tempered and cheerful all day and get along well with people around; everyone wants to make contact with them. Usually, they have good appetite and sound sleep; they may get fat even though they only drink water and often snore, sometimes like thunder, in the sound sleep. In addition, they are prone to diarrhea, lumbar disc herniation, diabetes, hypertension and fatty liver. What's more, some of them may have never caught a cold but die suddenly one day. Such kind of people tend to have two extremes: seldom getting sick but living a long life or suffering from illness all day and dying suddenly! This is the typical earth-type people with the phlegm-dampness constitution in terms of TCM.

Personality Traits

Earth people tend to be introverted and generous and they are tolerant, honest, trustworthy, diligent and steadfast by nature. Since earth is wet and sticky, this kind of people always has the slow running vital energy and blood and the stable temperament. As a result, they are slow to respond, slow in words and deeds and insensitive to new things. Earth people often impress others with their contented and peaceful state.

The excessive Yin may lead to two results for earth people: excessive phlegm which will make them dull, slow in reacting, and even stupid; sudden rise of Yang which will lead to the complete change of character and make them overly optimistic.
In short, earth-type people are tolerate, silent and seldom argue,; also, they are harmonious, cooperative, catering, quiet, patient, practical, responsible, well organized, saving, diligent and always purposeful for profit.


Earth types tend to have yellow and round face, thick lips, big nose and head and they generally have big eyes, long and thick eyelashes, thus very attractive. Their shiny skin may turn black evenly after exposure to the sun. If they eat too much greasy food, their face will be oily, look unclean, and even have cyst acnes which may lead to rough pockmarks and disfigure them if serious. Meanwhile, earth people tend to have oily, thick, brown and curled hair. They usually have thick and solid fingernails, dry hands, moderate perspiration, solid and fleshy body, and strong arms and legs and walk smoothly.
In terms of physical appearance, earth people tend to be plump and well developed due to their good digestion and absorption out of the strong spleen and stomach function. Moreover, most of them are plump since childhood and have big bones. They may get fat whole body easily and find it hard to lose weight which requires being on a diet and doing more exercise. However, this is the most difficult thing for them because they are born lazy; perhaps changing the habit to eat and exercise in the way suitable for their body figure is the biggest challenge in their life.

Talking Ways

Earth types talk smoothly and realistically and they are never opinionated and like to please others to make both happy; also, they love to chat and talk randomly.


Earth-type people are fond of sweet rather than sour and spicy food; they are neutral and don't like sports.


Being prudent, earth people can always accomplish something and they stick to the principle and the sense of organization and have the ability to control. They are honest and reliable, thus the born officials who can benefit the local and bless the people. If they can adhere to the principle of integrity, observe calmly, be adaptable to changing circumstances and grasp the scale of the officialdom changes, they will have a successful official career. On the contrary, they will invite troubles, become the victim of power struggle or corrupt if they speculate and secure personal gains.

If earth people take the lead to walk alone in making progress, they will get lost; only if following the leadership can they take on the right path peacefully and beneficially. Therefore, they need to find a backer and start a business under the guidance of the leadership to make great achievements; or take a back seat to assist others to make a great cause. In this way, they can bring good luck to others and themselves.
Since earth types always have good luck for wealth, they are suitable to do economic work or be a boss. Many powerful entrepreneurs and bosses are potbellied earth people.

However, they are not active in thinking and tend to be conservative, dull and slow in reacting; have poor adventurous and pioneering spirit, and are not urgent in pursuing goals but get used to a fixed field. Therefore, such kind of people always makes no attempt at a standstill when the career reaches to a certain scale.

Marriage Life and Family

Earth women are generally plump and fat and have the good-luck face for their husband. They are stable, loyal, diligent and filial, thus very good and reliable wives for men.

Earth men are honest, responsible, broad-minded and family-oriented. However, they are generally not good at taking care of the family and always make their wife helpless. They tend to please their girlfriend before getting married but change completely and hope their wife to please them after marriage.

In looking for a partner in marriage, wood, fire, metal and water types are all suitable for earth types. Getting married with the wood people, they will get good development; with the fire type, they will be complementary to each other and live a happy life; with the metal type, they will be the best couple; with the water type, they will live a happy life but have their lifetime and career influenced.


Earth people are prone to dizziness, abdominal distention, diarrhea, fatigue, obesity and lack of sleep, and may easily suffer from spleen and stomach, gastrointestinal, mouth and teeth, and heart diseases as well as diabetes and hypoglycemia.
Spleen belongs to earth in five elements, so the earth people tend to have weak spleen and stomach and be prone to spleen, stomach and digestive diseases. They should preferentially protect their spleen and stomach, then the intestines and the digestive system.
Food nursing: eat more spleen-tonifying food, such as white radish, hyacinth bean, cabbage, onion, seaweed, jujube, Chinese yam, sticky rice, beef and red bean. Avoid the cold, greasy and viscous food bad for spleen, stomach and Yang, as well as beverage and liquor.
Earth people should live a regular life, keep the stable mood and never eat too full, so as to protect the spleen and live a long and vigorous life; otherwise, they may die suddenly.

Associated Properties

Zodiac signs (yang): Dragon/Dog
Zodiac signs (yin): Ox/Sheep
Seasons: Intermediate
Colors: Brown, Yellow
Numbers: Numbers with 5 or 0
Directions: Central
Organs (Yin): Spleen
Organs (Yang): Stomach
Tastes: Sweet
Birth Year Ends with: 8, 9
Personality and Horoscope for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs of Earth Element:
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