Water-type People

What do Water-type people look like?

In the world, there is a kind of people who are smart, cunning, complex and resourceful; they like to move about or travel around, and love the perceptual life. They may have too many dreams and often change their minds. Also, they tend to only care about themselves and be not interested in the outside world. Usually, they have cold hands and feet and their stomach, waist or knees are sensitive to coldness, thus often wear more than others; in winter, they can't stand the cold while in summer, they cannot stand the air conditioning. Such kind of people likes to eat the hot food and will feel uncomfortable if they eat or drink the cold. Since they often have loose bowels, they always cannot cheer up. This is the typical water-type people with the Yang deficiency constitution in terms of TCM.

Personality Traits

Belonging to water in five elements, this kind of people is very gentle, smart and competent. Water people are mainly intelligent, frank and quick-witted and they have good memory and always think twice before they act.

There are two types of water, namely flowing and still. People of flowing water are active, aggressive, restless, impatient and busy while people of still water are calm, silent, tranquil and peaceful.

Water flows downwards and it moistens the earth silently and constantly. Therefore, water people are tender, inactive, uncompetitive and altruistic, and always win others by virtue. Such kind of people is good by nature but will be insidious and shrewd if they have too much Yin; they are resourceful and political-minded and have the quality of brainman. Therefore, they may either too good or too evil.

Due to the Yang deficiency, water-type people are timid and some may feel scared even when they hear phone ringing or door closing. Since the extreme Yin generates Yang, water people will have great Yang if the Yin reaches to the extremity. Under this condition, they will be bolder than other types of people.
Water people live a life full of ups and downs, and even may stray into dangerous situations but they always keep faith. Despite the unfavorable condition, they will make some achievements if they can insist on. However, they may run to an extreme after experiencing too much blow or encountering too many bad people. But water types are good by nature.


Usually, water people have big head, pointed chin, black or white face. If they think and worry too much year after year, their face will turn blue or white, even pale.

In terms of body figure, water-type people tend to have medium height and they are seldom tall. Also, they have narrow shoulders, thick waist, agile hands and feet and they often sweat and love to keep clean. When they walk, their bodies often swing around. In addition, water people generally do not have brawny muscles. Due to the Yang deficiency and lack of fire, they don't have enough heat, thus the digested food will be stored to generate fat and lead to puffiness rather than solid obesity, especially the married men.

Talking Ways

Water people pretend to attentively listen to others and respond from time to time; they talk fluently but cannot express themselves clearly. Also, they always change the topics and talk contradictorily; love to joke even satirize, rarely praise others and will speak rudely when angry.

Water-type people love spicy and salty rather than sweet food; they like dark, black, white and light yellow colors and dim light. Also, they are fond of clean environment, detective stories, puzzles, chess and similar games, as well as weapons.


Water-type people love spicy and salty rather than sweet food; they like dark, black, white and light yellow colors and dim light. Also, they are fond of clean environment, detective stories, puzzles, chess and similar games, as well as weapons.


In Tao Te Ching, what Lao Tsu admires most is water and he says ''the greatest virtue is like water''. Therefore, the most suitable jobs for water people are philanthropist, doctor, teacher, nurse and so on. If they work on charity, they will make great achievements because their image, temperament and character make others feel trustable. Water people are broad-minded and tolerant. However, if they take advantage of others' trust to do evil, they will seriously hurt the society and themselves, and the average people can hardly deal with them.

From the perspective of public administration, water-type people prefer the flexible management which can be accepted by both their superiors and subordinates. If the management is too flexible, they will make others feel they have no personal charm and often have to face the troubles made by others. However, water types are good at solving all kinds of problems. Since they are unsuitable for rigid management, they should choose the certain management position.

When it comes to entrepreneurship choice, water people have the quality of brainman since they are resourceful. Therefore, they can start from corporate planning, health consultation and other industries. In addition, they can give good play to their talent, thus can make certain achievements at the early stage of entrepreneurship. However, their development will be restricted when the career reaches to certain scale because they are not bold enough.

Water people are the most suitable in handling the dispute because they are the most tender, vital and combat-worthy people who can conquer the unyielding with the yielding.

Water-type people often decline in career and they will go downhill if they don't work hard. Others go upwards and hate the downhill while water people like to go downwards and keep a low profile. From the perspective of conducting in the society, this character makes others feel they are easy-going and respectable. But from the perspective of career pursuit, this character often makes them go astray or decline.

Marriage Life and Family

Water women are the gentlest and most capable also the best choice for strong-willed men in finding a wife. They are very good mothers who always devote and sacrifice all for their children.

Water men are not so bold but they are gentler than other types of men. In addition, they are emotional and always make their wife very happy after marriage. Although they do not have overwhelming superiority in a relationship, they always make their wife satisfactory in marriage; they are loving fathers who often spoil their children.

Water people are suggested to find the complementary lovers, such as wood and fire types who have different hobbies and interests with them. Generally, their relationship may not develop smoothly but they will mutually benefit their bodies from the stable marriage. However, they are not suggested to do the same work with their husband/wife, or they will often quarrel with each other and lead to the disharmony since they cannot get along well in work.


Water-type people often suffer from eye disease, dry tongue, laryngalgia, aching neck, headache, chest distress, intestinal disease, osphyalgia, dysmenorrhea, urethral disease, hemorrhoids, skin eczema, fatigue, neuralgia, poor circulation, hypertension, diabetes and poor sleep.
TCM believes this kind of people is prone to Yang deficiency. Since too much water causes the serious deficiency of Yang, water people often fear of cold under this condition and suffer from many diseases associated with cold. At the same time, too much Yin will consume less Yang and lead to the long life. However, if water people do less exercise but eat more cold food, such as cucumber, lotus root, bitter gourd, pear and watermelon, they will develop the Yang deficiency constitution. In conclusion, water type people should do more exercise and work and eat less sweet, sour and cold food to live a healthy, happy and long life.

Associated Properties

Zodiac signs (yang): Rat
Zodiac signs (yin): Pig
Seasons: Winter
Colors: Black, Blue
Numbers: Numbers with 1 or 6
Directions: North
Organs (Yin): Kidneys
Organs (Yang): Urinary Bladder
Tastes: Salty
Birth Year Ends with: 2, 3
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