What is Pi Xiu or Pi Yao?

Meanings of Pi Xiu or Pi Yao

Pi Xiu (Chinese: 貔貅; pinyin: píxiū) or Pi Yao, also known as Tian Lu, Bi Xie or Bai Jie, is a Chinese mythical auspicious creature with the fierce looking of a dragon head, horse body and unicorn claws; the winged animal's bold body resembles a lion covered with whitish-grey fur. Legend has it that Pi Xiu has a mouth but no anus, thus could gobble up anything without excreting. It is fond of water, gold, silver and jewels and takes wealth from all directions as food. Because of this, Pi Xiu has the meaning of bringing in wealth and treasure. Of course, it is capable of warding off evil spirits and bringing good fortune. Some people even believe that it can guard their homes, assist them from being offended the Grand Duke Jupiter and bring them good luck in love relationship. As a result, many modern people would wear a Pi Xiu.

Two Different Types of Pi Xiu, a Male and a Female

According to legend, there are two different types of Pi Xiu, namely male and female. The male is called Pi with head facing left while the female Xiu facing right. Nowadays, Pi Xiu is of a single sex. If you choose to have only one Pi Xiu, either male or female one will be fine. If you buy a pair of Pi Xiu for your partner and you, there will be rules on the head orientation.

Effects of Pi Xiu

1. Guard Home and Ward off Evil Spirits
Displaying a consecrated Pi Xiu at home can ward off evil spirits and improve the family fortune.

2. Acquire and Preserve Wealth
In ancient China, many casinos and windfall venues would display Pi Xiu to ward off evil spirits and gather wealth. In modern times, more and more businessmen choose to put a Pi Xiu in company or at home to gather wealth in view of the intense market competition. It is said that wearing a Pi Xiu can bring you good fortune when gambling.

3. Improve Fortune
According to the ancient Chinese sages, fate is predestined but fortune can be changed. In ancient China, people believed that ''touching a Pi Xiu one, two and three times can respectively bring good fortune, rolling profits and rapid promotion''. Therefore, Pi Xiu is also a symbol of people's good wishes.

4. Drive Away the Undesired Romance
Another magical effect of Pi Xiu is that it can drive away the undesired romance and prevent the master from unnecessary harassment or family dispute once displayed on the desk.

Who Can Wear Pi Xiu and How to Wear It?

As an auspicious creature, Pi Xiu is capable of drawing money and best fits for the people who want to improve wealth fortune. It’s especially fit for the businessmen. Which hand to wear Pi Xiu bracelet? left or right hand? Generally, Pi Xiu bracelets are made of various materials. Pi Xiu bracelets are often put on the left hand except those made of obsidian, because vital energy goes into human body from the left and out from the right. While wearing a Pi Xiu bracelet, make sure its head is outward, so as to draw money from all directions.
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Who Can Not Wear Pi Xiu?

It’s good to wear Pi Xiu to help draw and gather wealth, drive away misfortune, guard home, bring good fortune etc. However, some of the people couldn’t wear it including pregnant women, people with deficient Qi or vital energy, people under the Zodiac Sign of Dog, Rabbit and Tiger, women in menstruation, people suffering from indigestion or constipation etc.
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Pi Xiu in Feng Shui Uses and Placement

In Feng Shui, Pi Xiu has the following uses:
1. Guard home and ward off evil spirits.
2. Bring good fortune.
3. Draw money and gather wealth.
4. Drive away the misfortune of Five Yellow.

Where is the best place to place your Pi Xiu? When placing a Pi Xiu at home, make sure its head to face a window or door for money drawing and home guarding. It is not fit to be put in the bedroom. Also, do not have Pi Xiu's head face your bed, mirror, a fish tank or Buddha statue or put it under a beam, or it will harm you.

Tian Lu vs Bi Xie

In ancient times, the auspicious creature had two types, one with one antler and the other two antlers. The one with one horn is named Tian Lu (heavenly emolument) while the one with two horns is named Bi Xie (evil dispeller). In recent years, Pi Xiu is generally made with two horns. In south China, the auspicious creature is often called Pi Xiu while in north China Bi Xie. The name Tian Lu is less used. In addition, some people call it ''Monster'' or ''Four Unlikeness''.

The Legend of Pi Xiu

A story says that Pi Xiu was the 9th son of the Dragon King and it mainly ate gold, silver and jewels, thus spoiled by the Dragon King and the Jade Emperor. One day, Pi Xiu ate so much that it could not help urinating everywhere. The Jade Emperor became very angry, spanked it and sealed its anus. From then on, Pi Xiu could not excrete the gold, silver and jewels it ate. As the story was widely circulated, Pi Xiu was regarded as an auspicious animal for wealth.

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