Which Chinese Zodiac Clash with Tai Sui in Year 2021?

2021 is year of Xin Chou. The corresponding Chinese zodiac sign for Chou is Ox. So, 2021 is year of the Ox. It starts from Feb. 12, 2021 and ends on Jan. 31, 2022. The Tai Sui for 2020 is General Yang Xin. Which zodiac signs clash with Tai Sui (Fan Tai Sui) in 2021? 2021 is the zodiac year (Ben Ming Nian) of Ox, so Ox conflicts Tai Sui in the year 2021. Conflicting Tai Sui is also a kind of clash with Tai Sui. Besides Ox, those signs torturing, in conflict with, harming and damaging the Ox sign will also find poor luck due to the clash with Tai Sui.

Ox - Same Zodiac Year Conflict (值太岁), Ben Ming Nian (本命年)

Ox corresponds to the earthly branch Chou (丑). 2021 is year of Xin Chou – Year of the Ox, so, the Ox people meet their Ben Ming Nian (the year of zodiac animal in which one was born). They have the same zodiac year conflict which is a kind of clash with Tai Sui. Several inauspicious stars in this year will lead to many twists and turns in Ox horoscope. Because of this, people born in the Ox years will encounter something bad, especially in the career. They are so excellent that they may easily invite jealousy and little tricks by other people. As a result, Ox people need to be on guard against the villains around and never leave a loophole that can be used. In short, they should be more cautious in Ben Ming Nian, keep a low key and approach financial affairs with caution to survive the year peacefully.

Sheep - Conflict with Tai Sui (冲太岁)

Sheep corresponds to the earthly branch Wei (未). In Five Elements, Wei and Chou are one of the six offending groups, so people born in the Sheep years will conflict with Tai Sui in 2021. Since offending is the most serious case of clash with Tai Sui, Sheep will be the most affected sign in 2021 and they will find limited luck in career, love relationship and health, and see many changes in their life. The obstacles in career will slow their work progress. On the other hand, the conflicts with their partners will lead to the worse and worse love relationship. As for health, Sheep people should pay attention to some accidents and avoid fight with others, or there might be bloodshed.

Horse - Harm Tai Sui (害太岁)

Following 2020 - the year conflicting with Tai Sui, Horse will enter another year of clash with Tai Sui. Horse corresponds to the earthly branch Wu (午) which forms one of the six harming groups with Chou. And this is commonly known as harming the Tai Sui, leading to the sharp decline of Horse horoscope and even some unexpected troubles that can greatly increase their pressure in life. This year, people born in the Horse years will be vulnerable to villains and disasters, and need to stay away from wagging of tongues and base persons as far as possible. At the same time, they should keep out of harm's way and do not do anything risky, or they may get injured. 

Dog - Torturing Tai Sui(刑太岁)

Xu (戌), the earthly branch of Dog, tortures Chou and this will result the punishment of Tai Sui for Dog sign in the year 2021. Since the punishment of Tai Sui is also a kind of clash with Tai Sui, people of Dog sign need to be more careful in this year to avoid certain accidents as much as possible. In the year of torturing Tai Sui, Dogs will easily invite punishment due to the ignorance of rules, have their career development affected, and even get injured from conflicts with other people. Therefore, Dog people should regulate behaviors in work and life and avoid conflicts with others, or their life can be seriously influenced during this year.

Dragon - Destruction of Tai Sui (破太岁)

In 2021, Dragon will damage Tai Sui, which will have adverse effects on the wealth, career and health horoscope of people under the Dragon sign. They will encounter some unexpected troubles this year. In terms of wealth, Dragon people should keep an eye on personal financial losses and safeguard their interests. In career, Dragons can feel quite stressful at work and bothered by the villains. For the purpose of health, they should keep away from danger and disaster as much as possible.

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