Fire-type People

What do Fire-type people look like?

Such kind of people is thin and can hardly get fat no matter how much nutritious food they eat. They have hot palms and foot arches, dry skin and prone to wrinkles and pimples. Their skin looks rough and dull and has spots. They often feel dry in mouth, throat, nose, lips and eyes and have flushed cheeks and hot faces. Meanwhile, this kind of people likes cold drinks which actually do not quench thirst and they are prone to insomnia and constipation. In life and work, they tend to be short-tempered, outgoing, active, lively and very efficient and make others feel they are the fire in winter. This is the typical fire-type people.

Personality Traits

Fire people are risk-taking, adventurous, brave, confident, motivated and ambitious; also, they are frank, enthusiastic, strong, energetic, progressive, quick-witted, inventive and creative and have leadership qualities. They are urgent in pursuit of goals and full of youthful spirit.

Strengths: Fire-type people are highly outgoing, enthusiastic, excited, very efficient, and explosive and they walk as if on wings.
Weaknesses: However, they tend to be impatient, short-tempered, proud, aggressive and vainglorious, and often argue and talk exaggeratedly.


Fire types often have small head, prominent facial bone, and eyes in light colors like light brown. Generally, they have oily skin and hair, white skin prone to sunburn and spot and their skin is often dry and rough, either red or black, and sometimes has pimples or looks dull. Their hair is fine and soft, mostly straight and some may have juvenile white or reddish yellow hair. Also, fire people have warm hands, vigorous pulse, elastic and healthy fingernails. They often sweat and have a sound circulation.
In terms of body figure, fire-type people are mostly thin but have firm muscles, thus very bony; more seriously, some may look like a mere skeleton. If they get fat, they will be symmetrical and good-looking. Once they are determined, they can be slim or fat easily. Also, they walk fast with swinging shoulders.

Talking Ways

They talk frankly, confidently, exaggeratedly and arrogantly in lack of analysis, and often interrupt others; also, they talk fast and loud, even like a great bell when they are angry.


They like to shoulder the responsibility, show their talents and drive fast. Also, they like the collective sports activities, sour and bitter rather than salty food; red, blue and green rather than deep and black colors; they love the beautiful and luxury things.


Fire people are quick-minded and have the quality of inventor and the enthusiasm of orator.

From the perspective of public administration, fire-type people prefer the rigid management and often force or offend others. However, they are very efficient and good at fighting the tough battle but they often bring trouble upon themselves and create the tense interpersonal relationship.

From the perspective of entrepreneurship choice, fire people are suitable for technical research because they are smart. Also, they are suitable for fashion models due to their slim body figures.

Fire people tend to have a promising career but may tumble because they are too exaggerative, ambitious, proud and aggressive; they will not admit defeat and cannot face the reality, thus may suffer a bigger loss.

Marriage Life and Family

Fire women are capable and experienced but lack of the feminine beauty. Under the beautiful face, they have a restless heart and are unwilling to be inferior to others or stay at home, so they tend to be strong in front of men and are the best choice for weak men. At the same time, fire-type women can also be good mothers and wives on the condition that they are in a dominant position, or they will make troubles. In this kind of family, men should stay at home while women should earn money.

Fire-type men are strong and seldom soft. They are energetic and make the whole family full of energy. However, they tend to be impatient and straight forward, making their girlfriends cannot bear. In fact, this kind of men are the most romantic and they will still be passionate after getting married; they may make their lovers unhappy because they are too picky.

If you are a fire-type, you'd better choose the one complementary with you, such as water or earth-type, as your lover. Although the same type people have a lot to talk about but they often quarrel with each other, which will lead to misunderstanding.


Fire types are prone to ophthalmodynia, tinnitus, dry tongue, dry mouth, encephalopathy, chest pain, hypertension, coronary heart disease, dyspepsia and skelasthenia.
Fire people often suffer from fire excess out of Yin deficiency which may lead to fever caused by excessive Yang. The fire goes to the heart which connects to the blood vessels and decides people's spirit, so the heart has a strong impact on people's health. Without spirit, people will die. Therefore, fire types should control the heart fire to keep spirit and learn Confucius's sitting in forgetfulness, Laoo Tze's nothingness, Chuang Tzu's cultivation for mental tranquility and Buddhist meditation. Otherwise, they will live a short life, even die suddenly because of the overly dissipation of Yang and the loss of Yin caused by fire.

Associated Properties

Zodiac signs (yang): Horse
Zodiac signs (yin): Snake
Seasons: Summer
Colors: Red, Purple
Numbers: Numbers with 2 or 7
Directions: South
Organs (Yin): Heart
Organs (Yang): Small Intestine
Tastes: Bitter
Birth Year Ends with: 6, 7
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