Which Chinese Zodiac Clash With Tai Sui in Year 2023?

Whenever a new year comes, there will be some zodiac signs that clash with Tai Sui (the Grand Duke Jupiter). The different degrees of these zodiac signs in clash with Tai Sui can be divided into five types: Same Zodiac Year Conflict, Conflict with Tai Sui, Torturing Tai Sui, Destruction of Tai Sui. Each of them will affect their fortune and horoscope. Then, what are the five zodiac signs that will clash with Tai Sui in 2023 year of the Rabbit?

Rabbit - Same Zodiac Year Conflict (值太岁), Ben Ming Nian (本命年)

The Rabbits will have the same zodiac year conflict with Tai Sui in 2023, which is their Ben Ming Nian (zodiac year of birth). So, it implies a year of bad fortune. They will have some minor health problems and they will be prone to do some radical things due to the uneasy mentality. Their career will be hindered by others and their pursuit for money will not be smooth. Those who go out to seek wealth will have the risk of financial loss and their love and relationship will also not go smooth. Fortunately, the auspicious star of Sui Jia will favor them secretly, helping the Rabbits resolve a lot of disasters. However, the Rabbits should not take it lightly and they still have to be cautious to deal with all kinds of difficulties. No matter what kind of things they encounter, they need to stay calm and rational and never act impulsively. Especially when getting along with others, the Rabbits should pay more attention to their words and actions, not to speak ill of each other. In 2023, the Rabbits can wear a red rope as an auspicious ornament in accordance with traditional folk customs, which means good luck and prosperity in the New Year.

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Rooster - Conflict With Tai Sui (冲太岁), Torturing Tai Sui(刑太岁)

The overall fortune of the Roosters in 2023 will not be stable. As a result of the conflict with Tai Sui, the overall development of the Roosters will be adversely affected. Rooster clash with rabbit; one is gold and one is wood in the Five Elements. So, it difficult for them to stay compatible. As the zodiac signs clash with each other, they tend to be easily deceived and instigated by other people, and friends and relatives are prone to turn against each other, and their relationships are ruined. Fortunately, there are many auspicious stars in their life, which will bring some good luck to the Rooster people and help them successful survive some crisis. However, the Roosters should also work harder and be calm in everything. Meanwhile, they should also stay vigilant at all times. No matter what they say or do, they are supposed to think twice before they act, so as to avoid getting themselves into trouble because of improper words and actions. In terms of intimate relationship, they should be more caring and considerate to their partners; in case of conflicts or disputes, they should learn to restrain and tolerate and avoid being impulsive.

Dragon - Harm Tai Sui(害太岁)

People born under the zodiac animal sign of the Dragon will harm Tai Sui in 2023. Mao and Chen (from Earthly Branches)harm mutually implies that the Rabbit and the Dragon harm Tai Sui, which is the most harmful among the six harms of the Chinese zodiac. The main manifestation of Harming Tai Sui is that the personality becomes extreme, they are easy to offend villains and their jobs will be unstable. If the harm is in the aspect of relationship or spousal relationship, they will tend to be divided and separated from each other, picky towards their partners, having more conflicts and disputes with their partners. This year, the Dragons may suffer from injuries or disability, and they will be prone to failure in relationship, and their career development will not be satisfactory. If they want to get through this year smoothly, they must maintain enthusiasm and calmness in the career, talk less and do more, and they should not follow others blindly in business and starting up business, and should not arbitrarily guarantee or borrow large amounts of cash. In relationship, they should learn to restrain themselves, and should not stand on the high ground demanding too much from their partners.

Rat - Torturing Tai Sui(刑太岁)

People born under the zodiac animal sign of the Rat will torture Tai Sui in 2023, which is what we call “rude punishment”. It is manifested in the lack of politeness in talking to each other and the dislike of each other, which is the most dangerous type of clashing with Tai Sui. This kind of torturing Tai Sui also implies the punishment and injuries. So, the Rats are prone to fines or contractual disputes in 2023. Affected by the torturing of Tai Sui and ominous stars, the Rats will not have a satisfactory health fortune in 2023. At the same time, they will be prone to failure in business. The main reason is that the Rats are too eager for quick success. In the year of torturing Tai Sui, the Rats should not become decadent and depressed and they should try to be kind to others.

Horse - Destruction Of Tai Sui (破太岁)

In 2023, those born under the zodiac animal sign of the Horse will encounter the destruction of Tai Sui. Destruction of Tai Sui is actually a feeling of cracking like an egg or glass falling on the ground. Usually, it is not easy to notice, but the damage effect is not insignificant. In addition, most of people born under the zodiac sign of the Horse talk bluntly and straightly; it is quite normal in the average years, but in the year of destruction of Tai Sui, it is particularly dangerous as it is very likely to incur disaster. This year, people born under the animal sign of the Horse will have to bear a lot of pressure in their careers, and they will be prone to accidents in their careers. As they are very competent, they will be very likely to incur jealousy and frame of some villains. If they want to go through the hardships, they must remain modest and cautious in work and life, and think twice before they act. In addition, they should pay extra attention to their emotional changes. Especially when dealing with people, they are supposed to learn to control their temper, so as not to incur disputes and troubles.