Which Chinese Zodiac 'Fan Tai Sui' in Year 2020?

2020 is the year of Metal Rat 'Geng Zi' (庚子). Every year, certain zodiac signs are under the influence of Tai Sui – the Grand Duke Jupiter in charge of people's fortune in the year. Each year is governed by a different Tai Sui on duty. Tai Sui for 2020 is General Lu Mi. In Chinese astrology, Fan Tai Sui (clash with Tai Sui) means the Eight Characters are in conflict or clash with Tai Sui. If you clash with Tai Sui in a year, you will experience ups and downs in that year from various aspects. 


2020 is the year of Metal Rat starting from Jan.25, 2020 (Chinese Lunar Near Year) and lasting to Feb. 11, 2021. Following are four animal signs Fan Tai Sui with Do's and Don'ts in 2020:
Rat - Same Zodiac Year Conflict(值太岁), Ben Ming Nian (本命年)
Since 2020 is Ben Ming Nian for people born in Rat years, they will suffer the same zodiac year conflict and see unstable fortune throughout the year. This year may seem to be calm, but in fact it's quite rough. Things expected to go smoothly might be accompanied by various pitfalls. Rat people will be caught unprepared by the emergencies. But don't worry too much. The auspicious star Sui Jia will escort them in career to make some progress and accomplish something once the opportunities are seized. As the saying goes, a happy event can counteract three disasters. Some happy events can be held to ease the negative impact brought by Tai Sui - the legendary God in charge of people's fortune in the year. For example, promotion, birthday banquet, and childbirth can effectively reverse the trend of fortune. If there is no happy event in the family, the fortune will decline rapidly in 2020, especially in health and wealth, and the family fortune will suffer unprecedentedly.
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Rabbit - Torturing Tai Sui(刑太岁)
Rabbit is the sign torturing Tai Sui in 2020 and people of Rabbit sign may draw unfavorable things such as dispute and lawsuit because of their speaking and working manners. Many unexpected events may take place in this year and they should be well prepared, especially in love relationship and wealth. In terms of wealth, they can be highly suggestible and lose the greater for the less, even get caught in litigation disputes due to fortuitism; in love relationship, those in a good relationship or to be married soon may be abetted by others and ruin the relationship. People under Rabbit sign are suggested to do more and speak less in 2020, even if they have to speak more, just put in a good word rather than talk nonsense. For Rabbits with plans to marry, they should communicate more with each other and avoid quarreling about trifles so as to improve their fortune through the celebration of marriage.
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Horse - Conflict with Tai Sui (冲太岁)
Horse people will conflict with Tai Sui and 'conflict' here has the meaning of impulse. They don't like to be restrained by nature and will feel the invisible stress during this year. In addition, the three inauspicious stars Sui Po, Da Hao and Po Sui will fall in the house of Horse and make them prone to disputes with others; once they lose control of emotions, the disputes will come one after another. The relationship between family members will also be affected by the conflict with Tai Sui. It's easy to regard family members as breathing pipes. People of Horse sign can easily use their family as a punching bag and ruin the relationship. The impact of impulse will also bring adverse effects on the wealth and health of Horses. Therefore, Horse people are suggested to be cautious in words and deeds, wear a lucky charm for blessing, and stay away fro villains to avoid bad luck.
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Sheep (Goat) - Harm Tai Sui (害太岁)
Sheep (Goat) is the sign harming Tai Sui in 2020. Compared with other zodiac signs clash with Tai Sui, their overall fortune is less perceptible and this sign can be the luckiest among those in clash with Tai Sui. With the support of auspicious stars, Sheep people can easily win help from others to get promotion and salary rise, for which they can become proud and forget the potential crisis hidden in the workplace; at last, they can be unexpectedly hurt, for benefit or emotion, by the vile characters at the critical moment. Therefore, people of Sheep sign should be cautious in all actions during the year, and never provoke jealousy by standing out boldly or craving after greatness and success. In addition, they should handle the interests with others properly, be extremely cautious in securing loans or cooperative investments, and avoid getting involved as much as they can. If there is a conflict of interest, it may be a good thing to give up some of it.
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Rooster - Destruction of Tai Sui(破太岁)

Rooster will face 'Destroyed by Tai Sui' energy and the “破Puo” mean destruction and destroyed. Therefore, there will be unexpected destruction luck for Roosters this year. They are easy to get ill and suffer from broken of friendship, love or marriage. Also, they will meet many difficulties in career and the business cooperation is easy to failed. In addition, they may suffer a great loss in money. What they need to do in the year is to speak and act cautiously. 
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