Which Chinese Zodiac Clash With Tai Sui in Year 2024?

Every year there are some zodiac signs clashing with Tai Sui, which means those people may face some challenges and difficulties in the year. However, Clashing with Tai Sui does not necessarily mean that it will bring bad luck, but it does require them to pay special attention to the year and take appropriate preventive measures to resolve possible problems. Following are detailed explanations of the four zodiac signs clashing Tai Sui in 2024 and the situations they may face.

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Dragon - Same Zodiac Year Conflict (值太岁), Torturing Tai Sui (刑太岁)

Zodiac DragonThe year 2024 will be the birth year (also known as animal year) for people born under the zodiac animal sign of the Dragon, and it is very common for them to clash with Tai Sui in the birth year. This year, the Dragons will not only be troubled by the same zodiac year conflict with Tai Sui, but also be troubled by the torturing of Tai Sui, that is, a double clash of Tai Sui. In addition, they cannot get the blessing of the auspicious stars, and their fortune will be very poor. To some extent, it will be extremely difficult for them to forward. Some people may even choose to muddle through the day because they will not be able to withstand the pressure. Plagued by the auspicious stars, they will not have a good luck in love and relationship. The single Dragons will be prone to the entanglement of the unwanted romantic encounters. They will be seemingly easy to end their single status, but finally prone to relation disputes. Moreover, they will be prone to plenty of health hazards and security crisis. As such, the Dragons should care more about their state of health at all times and improve their precaution consciousness.  

Ox - Destruction Of Tai Sui (破太岁)

Zodiac OxIn 2024, the Ox sign will encounter the destruction of Tai Sui, and their overall fortune will not be good. Under the influence of Tai Sui and ominous stars, they will be very likely to encounter accidents. Not only will they encounter the financial crises, but also suffer potential misfortunes. In the face of these crises, the Ox will be likely to be discouraged and may even fall flat on their face. However, everything is temporary, the Ox should not be excessively anxious; although there will be the trouble of clash of Tai Sui, there will also be the auspicious stars who will help them. Even if there are hazards and troubles, they will eventually get help from their friends and get out of the predicament.

Rabbit - Harm Tai Sui (害太岁)

Zodiac RabbitThe Rabbits may be prone to many accidents due to the influence of harming Tai Sui in the year of the Dragon in 2024. In terms of health, they will be likely to have minor illnesses and pains, which may not be healed for a long time. The Rabbits may not have a good luck in the workplace, and it will be difficult for them to reap the benefits of a pleasant atmosphere at work; when they go home, they may often bring negative energy to their families, causing misunderstandings with their families. Therefore, if they want to live at east in the year of clashing Tai Sui, the most important thing is to take more time to stay with their families, instead of venting all worries and misfortunes on their families. The more intimate the relationship, the more time they should spend maintaining the relationship. They should never exhaust their families' understandings and trust.

Dog - Conflict With Tai Sui (冲太岁)

Zodiac DogAs their zodiac sign is in conflict with Tai Sui in the year of the Dragon, the Dogs will have a very poor luck in all aspects, and they will be under great pressure, which will make them difficult to live a simple and stable life in 2024. In this year, no matter what the Dogs do, it will be difficult for them to be happy. Their emotions will become volatile, and often in a state of depression. They will feel exhausted in maintaining social contacts. Financially, they will be entangled by the ominous stars so that it will be difficult for them to make money, and they will be very likely to suffer financial losses if they slightly neglect. Their career opportunities for new development will be rare, but in the second half of the year their opportunities for development will emerge. The Dogs must be very careful in maintaining the social contacts, and they should not be too aggressive and strong in dealing with the teamwork. After all, good contacts and interpersonal relationship are very crucial to a smooth and successful career.