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My true self

1 Reply Asked by Toasturhs | 11/12/2019 6:38:37 PM

What is my true personality? With my Monthly sign being Goat, and Hourly sign being a Snake, and Yearly sign being a Monkey?

When will my best years in love come

5 Replies Asked by Darklord | 11/9/2019 4:40:30 PM

Dob sept 28 1997 3:20

weekly horoscope

0 Reply Asked by chhay rachana | 11/8/2019 12:17:17 AM

i always reading your weekly horoscope. but why this week no update from 4,Nov,2019 to 10,Nov,2019 ?

when 'll' she get married

1 Reply Asked by bintey ali | 11/5/2019 9:40:55 AM

Hi, my friend's date of birth is 1st june 1975,time of birth (12:00 After Noon) {punjab,pakistan} i want to ask she ll be get married or not?if yes then when ll she get married?plz plz plzzzz reply THANKS

Chinese Zodiac or Birth Time

1 Reply Asked by Daniel | 11/5/2019 1:28:17 AM

Which should we look Zodiac or Birth time ? Eg. Im born in the year of Ox 1973 but under Monkey time (Shen Period).

want baby boy

1 Reply Asked by ganganpj123 | 11/2/2019 1:01:07 AM

my dob 1989/12/ I want baby boy when is the right time to conceive

Are there any Introverted Monkeys that exist out there?

1 Reply Asked by Toasturhs | 11/1/2019 4:15:00 PM

This is a little bit of a random but, are there any introverted monkeys that exist out there. I mean... monkeys that DON'T fall under the earth element, and are just like that by nature? Like an introverted fire monkey or metal monkey or wood monkey (me) for example?

is there any chance of second marriage

3 Replies Asked by bintey ali | 10/21/2019 11:20:43 AM

hi, my DOB IS 12.8.1972 TIME OF BIRTH 2:00PM PLACE OF BIRTH PUNJAB PAKISTAN is there any chance of 2nd marriage?howz the marriage life?

How energetic is the Dog when it's combined with the Fire element?

1 Reply Asked by Toasturhs | 10/8/2019 5:45:00 PM

This is a thing I see many articles and people split on. Many say that the fire dog is very shy and introverted. While many others say that the fire dog is very outgoing, ready to explore, change, and even pretty seductive. So, which one is more accurate?

My fate according to my Bazi

4 Replies Asked by RyanS | 10/8/2019 10:20:02 AM

Hi, I'm a male born on 12 Feb 1997, with my bazi, 丁丑壬寅乙酉丁亥. Report said i have a balanced bazi, which is good right? But i dont really understand this: Fire: 2(27.6)| Water: 2(20) | Wood: 2(22.8) | Metal: 1(12) | Earth: 1(5.3) | Your Five Elements (Wu Xing) have too many Fire . Your Day Master is Wood and it needs to be supported by Fire element. Also, you should avoid to have more Earth. Is my main element wood? Why supported by fire and not water? Why avoid more Earth? Other than that, i also wish to know my noble element, and my fate (like diamond or garden), and what element of career should i pursue. Any additional information is welcomed and deeply appreciated. Thank you in advance. :)

Is the Wood Monkey really that empathetic?

1 Reply Asked by Toasturhs | 10/8/2019 5:10:13 AM

I know this question sounds a little too simplified and straightforward for it's own good, but I'm just curious. Is the Wood monkey really that empathetic? Being a wood monkey myself, as well as some articles on the wood monkey stating that I can kind of see apart of myself being empathetic (okay, well, at least I'm trying to be more empathetic). But many others say otherwise.

The chances of getting married

2 Replies Asked by Joanne Lim | 10/8/2019 1:18:13 AM

I would like to know what is the chances of me getting married? My DOB is 31 Dec 1981 - 8.55pm. Thank you.

Which one is more selfless? The Earth or Wood Monkey?

1 Reply Asked by Toasturhs | 10/6/2019 12:49:55 PM

I've been a bit conflicted about this? Which Type of Monkey is the least selfish? Earth or Wood? (Really, I'm just asking this just for fun)

A year of struggle

0 Reply Asked by Alex Mcg | 10/4/2019 10:07:41 AM

Hi Master, I hope I'm posting in the right group. I'm a dog born in 1970, October 13. Time: 1.05pm. Place of birth: Delhi, India. I was told the year of the pig would be good for my career, but it's been a struggle to find a permanent job until now. Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Or have any cures to suggest? Thank you for time and advice. Alex.

What will be the outcome of my relationship?

4 Replies Asked by Vetaan Anandh | 10/3/2019 3:24:57 PM

We have known and loved each other for many years and recently he has found the courage to ask me out. As much as I love him I am also a bit doubtful, please help me find a solution to this relationship, I feelit would put my mind to ease, thank you. My partner details: Date of Birth: 02.09.1976 Name: T.Govender My Details: Date of Birth: 29.04.1979 Name: V.Anandh

Career and life

1 Reply Asked by MNandi | 10/1/2019 9:08:56 AM

When I will get government job ? I am going through very tough time,from all aspects of life since last 2 years,When it will end? When I can take a breath of relief?

Dog and Piyaos at home

3 Replies Asked by Alex Mcg | 9/26/2019 8:18:35 AM

Hi Master, I'm a metal Dog (1970). I have two small piyaos placed in the north of my home. I read somewhere that they are not good for Dog people as they represent the Dragon. Is that true? Should I remove the piyaos and put them away in a box? Thank you.

What if you don't identify with your Chinese zodiac sign?

0 Reply Asked by Toasturhs | 9/24/2019 1:14:14 PM

What if you don't relate to your zodiac sign? Like for my instance, I'm a monkey. And many state that monkeys are very extroverted, outgoing, and energetic individuals. Meanwhile, I, personally, fall more on the ambiverted side other than the extroverted. And though I can kinda relate to OTHER things in this sign other than the sociability level, there are also many things I don't relate to. Which I will not mention due to the already agonizing long length of this paragraph. So, what could I be doing wrong in my "astrology research"?

Pet ownership and matches

2 Replies Asked by CK Karl | 9/24/2019 9:55:56 AM

Hello there, I have always been curious about Chinese zodiac and have grown up in that culture. I am ox and have been with my partner who's a rabbit for almost 5 years now, and funny enough, the match making advice on this site is quite accurate! That said, we have grown a lot together and have worked through a lot, and I know any relationship will continue to be a work in progress, does that we are doomed to fail? Secondly, pet ownership, does presence of pets impact fortune? We current have two pet cats and one pet snake (tiny corn snake), does that impact either ox/rabbit in anyway? Or, together under one household? I am so curious because I have heard different interpretations that cats are not great, or they are, etc... Any insights would be appreciated as I learn more. Thank you all!

What is my best compatibility

3 Replies Asked by Luis Sanchez | 9/15/2019 8:17:35 PM

For ox DOB9/28/97

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