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monthly zodiac signs

2 Replies Asked by l***h | 6/26/2020 5:10:29 AM

Dear Sir, what are the monthly zodiac signs in a lunar calendar? for example if i plan a tiger baby , i wish the month pillar is boar /horse/dog to avoid any clash .Hope you can list out the monthly zodiac signs in a lunar calendar. I appreciate your kindness and help. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Lucy

What cities would be auspicious for me to move to?

1 Reply Asked by a*** | 6/23/2020 9:13:25 AM

I was born on Oct 31, 1970, at 8 am, female, GMT +3. Longitude 26.096306. If a move West is bad but a move, in general, is good for my fortunes, then what directions or cities would be good for me? Sadly, all my desired destinations are West of my place of birth Bucharest and my only second language is English, and I write in English, professionally.

Chinese name for baby girl

1 Reply Asked by Y***g | 6/22/2020 2:30:27 PM

My daughter was born on May 1, 2020 at 11:26 am Eastern Standard Time, in New York. Her English name is Iris Ng. Surname: 伍。 I guess that would make her zodiac animal the metal rat. Do you have a name you might be able to recommend for her?

will I remarry?

3 Replies Asked by a*** | 6/20/2020 7:02:37 AM

I was born on Oct 31, 1970, GMT +4. Longitude 26.096306. I was married once, briefly, long ago. Will I marry again? Also, my financial luck seemed to have ebbed since 2009, and especially 2016. Will I have any professional and financial upturn?

the next compatible baby

1 Reply Asked by l***h | 6/19/2020 4:00:30 AM

Dear Sir, What zodiac will be compatible to us as we are planning to have our second baby-( both parents are rabbits and first born is boar ) ? Tq for ur advice. Sincerely, lucy

My dob 2/3/86 at 20:16and my wife 7/8/87. At 5:45amcan i get baby 2021

1 Reply Asked by M***w | 6/13/2020 7:57:02 AM

In 2021 can I get a baby boy. Is it ok with me. Thanks

Hi we plan to have another baby, but we do not know exactly comparible.

1 Reply Asked by M***w | 6/9/2020 3:44:59 PM

Am a cow 2/3/86 .my wife rabbit 7/8/87 and a son is a dog 3/19/18. Can you please tell us what zodiac is compare or help to solve the conflict with us. Thankyou very much.

What is my Chinese zodiac?

1 Reply Asked by A***l | 6/2/2020 5:15:46 AM

Hi, I am wanting to have my Chinese zodiac tattooed on me but confused to which one I am. Been told Tiger because of being born 1986. But when I go online and do the calculator I come up as Ox. Please can you confirm what one I am? DOB 3/2/1986

My destiny

1 Reply Asked by r***a | 6/2/2020 1:21:36 AM

I am ox zodiac born at 6:57 pm can you tell something about me. My name is rahul agarwal

Want To be a commercial pilot

4 Replies Asked by r***n | 5/31/2020 5:23:58 AM

Hi, My nephew's DOB is 17.10.1996, Time of Birth 7:45PM (PST) He's doing BS Aviation N want to be a commercial pilot.will he succeed in his ambition also predict about his future. Thank You!

Spouse name predicate

5 Replies Asked by L***r | 5/29/2020 5:20:25 AM

It is possible to predicate Wife or hasband name or first letter via DOB 5-May-1990 it's my My sex is Female

Compatibility of 4 animals in my family

1 Reply Asked by L***y | 5/27/2020 3:11:02 AM

Hi Please tell me the compatibility of the following animals as a FAMILY not compatibility of each animals. Snake wife, monkey husband, baby pig and baby rat.

Please tell Conceive date for boy.

1 Reply Asked by S***S | 5/25/2020 9:37:30 AM

Hi sir please tell me ,my wife age is 25 August 1995 western, we need baby boy which date we connect together. Please tell us. Thanks for help. Am waiting for your reply.

Which birth month to read for my child

1 Reply Asked by L***y | 5/22/2020 2:36:23 AM

My child is born 12 April 2019. Do i read the April birth month as normal or do i read the 4th lunar month? Which month is it?

Need help to clarify my birth element in Chinese Astrology and Chinese Feng shui

1 Reply Asked by N***H | 5/20/2020 8:47:01 PM

Dear Master I was born in 3 February 1956 at 9:30 AM in Phnom Penh; Cambodia ,by Chinese astrology:I am Wood Goat but when I checked with Chinese Feng Shui:I am Earth Goat Master could you help me to clarify why it is different? Many thanks Narith

Is it good to have snake monkey pig and tiger?

2 Replies Asked by L***y | 5/20/2020 4:12:00 AM

Im snake wife with monkey husband and pig baby boy. Should we try for tiger baby? I hear that 4 of those animals form a cross on the zodiac wheel and will bring fortune, harmony and good luck. Is this true? Someone else told me differently. They said if i have a baby tiger, my husband and i will divorce. Which of the above is true?

Rat baby's birth month if born 2021 before lunar year

1 Reply Asked by L***y | 5/20/2020 4:00:59 AM

Im reading the Chinese zodiac by birth month and unsure what month my rat baby will be. My rat baby is technically due in January 2021 but according to lunar calendar, that's the 12th month as Chinese New year begins mid February. So would my baby still be classified as a January as that's his real official birth month or will it be a lunar December rat. Which birth month should i be reading for this rat baby?

Rooster Woman - How to stop overthinking?

2 Replies Asked by R***i | 5/20/2020 3:09:43 AM

Hello, I am rooster woman and if I understand it well, than daydreaming/constantly thinking about unreal things are common sign for rooster (women). Could you, please be so kind and tell me how could I get rid of this? I usually overthink everything, make multiple scenarios for unreal situations and sometimes literally get lost in my imagination. The consequences are that I never catch a deadline for any project. I also can't contrate very well. Could you please advise me? Thank you.

ox zodiac

1 Reply Asked by r***a | 5/20/2020 2:13:48 AM

Not getting sucess in careers back to back setbacks in study also born on 31/071997 at 6:57 pm all georgian dates times. According to this site all fate is different as coverting it to lunar dob is coming 27 june and born time 9:27 pm which is pretty much good in all aspect

My child

2 Replies Asked by J*** | 5/18/2020 6:46:55 PM

Hi dear master, My child was born on 7 June 2019 at 1:28am , female. I calculate her Bazi she has a weak bazi. What Chinese name should I give to her. 鑫 怡 or 嘉鑫. I want to help her to have a good luck in life and wealth. Please advise. Thank you Also, could male dog and a female ox have a baby in ox year? if the baby was born in March. baby boy or girl which one is better for that two years sign and compatible with pig? Thanks Master I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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