1968 Chinese Zodiac – Earth Monkey

Year of the Earth Monkey

People born in the year of 1968 (Jan. 30, 1968 - Feb. 16, 1969) are members of the Earth Monkey. For those born before Jan. 30, 1968, they belong to the zodiac animal of Fire Sheep.

Personality and Horoscope for the Earth Monkey

People born in 1980 (the year of earth monkey) are optimistic, versatile and very independent, never afraid of difficulties. They are broad-minded and don't like to argue with others, but a little proud. Earth monkeys have a strong individual subjective consciousness and they are very defensive towards others, so it's easy for them to offend somebody. If they can think more about everything, and never be self-righteous or self-willed rather than concentrating on progress, they will make some achievements.

Earth monkeys have the average luck in the early years and most of them build up from nothing; they have good luck in the middle age and a favorable old age. The female earth monkeys are good at housekeeping but have the average luck in youth; however, they have the good luck in making money and will accumulate certain wealth if they know how to manage money matters.

In work, the Earth monkeys have the ability and courage of building up from nothing and they always stick to their post to do the work best even if under high pressure and gossips from others. But they should avoid from being self-willed, otherwise they cannot build good relations with their colleague. In a word, the efforts will bring them the satisfactory results rather than being wasted.

In terms of health, earth monkeys do not have serious problems but they are weak and need to watch their diet, have a good rest and keep exercising if they want to be healthy.

As for wealth, earth monkeys have the good luck in making money and a bit of undeserved windfall. However, when the wealth comes, the luck goes, so it's not easy to accumulate the wealth. Under the difficult economic environment, most of the earth monkeys are lucky to get help from the benefactors to overcome the difficulties. So, they are unlikely to have troubles in money.

In love, the male earth monkeys are always popular among women, bringing them the successful love and happy family. The female earth monkeys have the unstable love life and they always get into troubles, so they need to pay attention to the communication and avoid the excessive dispute which may lead to a broken relationship.

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