Wood-type People

What do Wood-type people look like?

There is such kind of people who live an unhappy life and are not nice-looking, featuring yellow and dark facial color, big brandy nose, oily face and nose; they always feel dry and bitter taste in mouth. Females are prone to get gynecological diseases while males are prone to prostatitis which can hardly be cured. This kind of people is violent-tempered and always loses temper. The cultured are relatively good while the uncultured will beat others or destroy things if they are offended. Born with the general type constitution, this kind of people will be competent and useful to family and society with an indomitable spirit if the constitution is well adjusted. On the contrary, they and people around them will live a miserable life. This is the typical wood-type people with damp-heat constitution in TCM.

Personality Traits

Born with the wind element, wood people are just like the wind, thus quick-witted and competent. Since wind is changeable, wood types generally have unstable personality: sometimes like the storm, sometimes like the breeze; sometimes mild, sometimes stubborn. They often offend and contradict the leadership, never obey others easily.

Wood people are wise and reliable and they can cooperate with others; at work, they are motivated, confident, earnest, generous, righteous, comprehensive, compassionate and good at diplomacy.

In general, they are bold and sometimes audacious in the extreme and short-tempered. Some of them with poor self-cultivation may have the criminal mentality and certain aggressiveness.


Wood-type people always make others feel they are generals. Males are very manly while females are also a little masculine.

Whether in black, white or yellow face, wood people tend to have unclean, oily and dark skin, even pustule and furuncle on the face, chest and back. Also, they have brandy nose, red lips, yellow teeth, red gingiva and eyes, and always feel dry, bitter taste and bad breath in mouth; their tongues are red with yellow coating and they have strong body odor and perspiration.

In terms of body type, this kind of people is always tall; some are not very tall but have straight back, thus seemingly very powerful. Wood people are active and intelligent and some of them may have a heavy feeling in walking due to the heavy dampness; they basically have weak physical condition.

Taking Ways

Wood people always listen to others with a smiling face but hesitate in speech and think while talking; they often chatter and love to talk much theory to show they are educated. However, they tend to talk about monotonous topics with warped views.


They love sour and salty rather than spicy taste; blue, green and dark rather than white or plain colors; like to study and think. Meanwhile, wood people follow the rules and work seriously; love criticism, landscapes, outing, music, swimming and fishing, etc.


Wood means ascending and represents life vitality, featuring fluent and gentle attributes. Since woods always grow upward, wood-type people tend to be energetic and lucky. If they can calm down, they will have even better luck; on the contrary, they will have bad luck and find it hard to do anything.

From the perspective of public administration, wood types are proactive and always take the lead, which often make others jealous of them. The little conflicts are very common but they should beware of breeding disasters out of accidental conflicts.

When it comes to entrepreneurship choices, wood people are suitable for some high-strength and high-intelligence jobs due to their outstanding vigor. At the same time, they have the diplomat's quality.

For the wood types, they'd better not get involved in handling a dispute because they may escalate the dispute due to their hot temper. Since they have good physical strength and strong explosive power, however, they often occupy the overwhelming superiority in sports and wars with strong confrontation.

The career of wood people generally goes well but they may suffer a setback due to their suspicion and caprice. Such people tend to yield to the blow of failure, thus leading to the low ebb of career or failure of recovering after a setback; they may even give themselves up as hopeless and do some stupid things to ruin their future.

Marriage Life

The unstable character and hot temper of wood people often lead to the breakup and unstable marriage. If they get married with the compatible water types, however, they will have a happy love and marriage and benefit the bodies of both sides.

Male wood people are masculine and they can generally win the love of females if they can persist to pursue despite their rugged faces. Female wood people also look like tomboys who are not elegant, so they often have an unhappy love and marriage because of poor look and hot temper.


Wood-type people are prone to poor eyesight, yellowish white of the eye, flat feeling in the mouth, headache, chest distress, palpitation, neuralgia, hepatopathy, cystipathy, hernia, irregular menstruation, trance, depression, arthritis, and tumour.

Wood people tend to have heat constitution and always suffer from many diseases related with damp-heat caused by strong liver-fire and affliction from external pathogenic dampness. Since the liver adjusts the blood flow, wood people are prone to blood stasis. The liver also adjusts the mind, so wood-type people may suffer from nervous and mental diseases caused by the hurt of emotions. If they can restrain the liver-fire and clear the dampness, they can live a long life with indomitable vitality.

Associated Properties

Zodiac signs (yang): Tiger
Zodiac signs (yin): Rabbit
Seasons: Spring
Colors: Green, Cyan
Numbers: Numbers with 3 or 8
Directions: East
Organs (Yin): Lungs
Organs (Yang): Liver
Tastes: Gall Bladder
Birth Year Ends with: 4, 5
Personality and Horoscope for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs of Wood Element:
Wood Rat    Wood Ox    Wood Tiger    Wood Rabbit    Wood Dragon    Wood Snake    Wood Horse    Wood Sheep    Wood Monkey    Wood Rooster    Wood Dog    Wood Pig

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