Chinese Zodiac Six Offending Groups (Liu Chong - 六冲)

Liu Chong (六冲) refers to six groups of two offending or conflicting signs, including Rat and Horse, Ox and Sheep, Tiger and Monkey, Rabbit and Rooster, Dragon and Dog, and Snake and Pig. Six offending groups are the most obvious incompatibility in marriage, known as worst match. In contrast to six compatible groups, the match of two signs in such a group are hostile and in conflict with each other.
This kind of offending, in fact, is the conflict between five elements, which is mainly revealed in personality, temperament and standpoint. Due to the significant differences, their relationship is riddled with contradictions. However, the more conflicting they are, the easier they are to attract each other - this is what called ''unlike ones attract'' in physics. Despite the attraction, the great differences in personalities and concepts make it difficult to get along. Even though they manage to go through a period, they are very likely to end up with breakup. 
Then, which sign takes the initiative in the same offending or conflicting group?
Rat and Horse: Rat takes the initiative because water restrains fire.
Ox and Sheep: almost equal in match because both belong to earth.
Tiger and Monkey: Monkey takes the lead because metal restrains wood.
Rabbit and Rooster: Rooster has the final say because metal restrains wood.
Dragon and Dog: about the same because both belong to earth.
Snake and Pig: Pig prevails because water restrains fire.
The match of two signs in the same offending group is damaging for team building. If you own such a team in your company, you have to act as a mediator to alleviate the conflicts caused by the incompatibility, and guide both parties to seek common ground while reserving differences on each issue. And this team can be a burden in your business. If you are in the same offending group with your partner in investment, your nightmare will begin, as there will be endless troubles waiting for you. Once your good ideas and practices come into being, your partner will refute you with the reasons you use to persuade him/her. Only if both of you know the pros and cons and learn to make concessions or a third party mediates between can you reach agreement. Even so, the business opportunities have already slipped away.
In love relationship, such a match may lead to quarrels and problems. Holding different views on love issues will intensify the conflicts. If one side can give in and step back, the relationship can go on, otherwise it won't go well.
For the match of two signs in the same conflicting group, quarrel will be the theme in your married life and endless quarrels will hurt your love. If one of you knows that this is caused by the incompatibility of zodiac signs, the problem might be solved and your marriage will be improved.

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