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Were you born in a lucky month?

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    Were you born in a lucky month?

    People of the same zodiac sign born in different months will have different fortune and life. For example, the Rat people born in January will have different fortune in wealth, health, love relationship, career and more with those born in February. There are good months for each zodiac which usually could bring good luck. Were you born in an auspicious month? Following are best birth months for each zodiac sign. Just find out if you were born in a lucky month below. 

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    Click the zodiac animal’s link in the table to get how lucky they are with the corresponding birth months. Also, you can get characters and horoscope for each of them.

    Chinese Zodiac Animals Best Birth Months (Chinese Lunar Months)
    Rat January, May, July, August, September
    Ox March, July, August, September
    Tiger January, February, March, April, August
    Rabbit February, March, April, May, August
    Dragon February, March, April, July, August
    Snake March, April, May, June, July
    Horse January, February, March, July, August
    Sheep March, May, June, July
    Monkey March, April, July, August
    Rooster February, March, April, August, September
    Dog January, February, March, August, December
    Pig January, February, April, September, November

    Please note that the above months refer to the Chinese lunar month. You can use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool on our Chinese calendar page to check your Chinese lunar birth month.