Best Business for 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

What business to start and make the most money based on Chinese Zodiac?

Tired of your office work and want to start your own business? Or you just graduate from school and plan to set up a business? You may ruminate for a long time but are still puzzled about what kind of business you should do and what kind of business fit you best. Here, we offer some suggested businesses for you to do based on Chinese zodiac. You may have more possibilities of getting success and make the most money if you open one of the suggested kinds of shops. The suggested business is based on the personalities of each Chinese zodiac animal signs. As it’s not scientific, please only take it as reference. No matter what you do, you should explore its market prospect in advance and seek more advice from your friends or seniors in the family. 
If you are not sure what your Chinese zodiac sign is, please use the Chinese Zodiac sign calculator at the following page to find. →  How to calculate your Chinese zodiac sign?

Suggested Business for Each Zodiac Sign

Chinese Zodiac Animals Suggested Shop/ Store to Open
Rat Clinic, Drug Store, Grain and Oil Shop
Ox Building Materials Store,  Decoration Shop
Tiger Outdoor Sporting Goods Shop, Sports Equipment Store
Rabbit Dessert Shop, Ice Cream Parlor
Dragon Bar
Snake Boutiques
Horse Gallery
Sheep Beauty Salon
Monkey Maternal and Infant Store, Toy Store
Rooster Daily necessities Store, Cosmetic Store
Dog Home Decoration Shop, Furniture Shop
Pig Restaurant