12 Houses Method of Face Reading

Twelve Houses, also 12 sections or 12 palaces, refer to the 12 basic parts in face reading. In ancient Chinese physiognomy books, the face is often divided into 12 sections. The location, shape, arrangement, color and gloss of the 12 palaces suggest one's fortune and fate.

1. Life House
Located between the eyebrows and above the nose, it represents one's lifelong fortune. The bright and thick Life Palace with no line, mole or pit is the best which suggests success and wealth.
2. Wealth House
Wealth House is located at the apex and wings of nose and it represents wealth and career. The mellow, full and bright apex with big wings yet not seriously exposed nares is good while the apex with mole is bad. The dark and bloodshot apex with pimple indicates the unexpected personal financial losses recently.
3. Sibling House
Sibling House is located at the eyebrows and it represents the relationship with siblings and friends. The left eyebrow symbolizes brothers while the right symbolizes sisters. The smooth and thick eyebrows indicate a large circle of friends while the messy suggests vile friends.
4. Marriage House
Located at the corner of eye, Marriage House suggests the love relationship and marriage. The full and glossy is favorable while the sinking with wrinkles and moles is unfavorable. For a man, the dark left Marriage Palace suggests his own problems while the dark right indicates his wife is prone to illegal love affairs; for a woman, it is on the contrary.
5. Children House
Located below the eyes, Children House indicates the information of your children. The sinking indicates no child while the plump is favorable yet the overly plump is also unfavorable. The Children Palace with mole and wrinkles suggests that you will worry about your children and be encumbered by them. For a man, the left suggests sons while the right indicates daughters.
6. Health House
Located at the bridge of nose, Health House indicates the innate physical quality and health condition. The plump and glossy with no break, sink, cross grain, mole or scar is better.
7. Travelling House
Located at the sidebums, Travelling House represents the fortune while travelling. The plump, glossy and slightly raised with no line, mole or pit is the best. If it is dark, it suggests you'd better not travel outside.
8. Assistant House
Assistant House is located at the two sides of chin and it represents the help from partners and subordinates. The sunken Assistant Palace symbolizes the disobedient or incapable subordinates and it is definitely not a symbol of becoming an official.
9. Career House
Located right in the middle of the forehead, Career House represents career and official position. The plump and bright with no line, mole or pit is favorable while the slightly raised extending to the nose in a line is the best. For example, the famous historical figure Chiang Kai-shek has such kind of Career Palace.
10. Property House
Property House located at the upper eyelid indicates one's dwelling, family love and inheritance. The slightly raised upper eyelid farther to the eyebrow is the best. If the upper eyelid is too close to the eyebrow, it suggests the unsuccessful property in youth and seldom help from ancestors; if the eye socket is sunken, it indicates the difficulty in getting ancestral property.
11. Fortune & Emotion House
Located at the two sides of Career Palace and right above the eyebrow bend, Fortune House represents both mental state and fortune. The plump Fortune House indicates you are optimistic while the sunken suggests pessimism and lack of self-confidence. The dark Fortune House is a symbol of bad luck.
12. Parents House
Parents Palace located above the beginning of eyebrow represents one's parents: the left for father and the right for mother. The plump and glossy is better, otherwise, it symbolizes a source of bad luck to parents and shorter longevity.