Horse's Fate by Birth Month

Note: The months here is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Please use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool on Chinese calendar page to find your lunar birth month. 
Best Birth Months for the Horse: In general, January, February, March, July and August are auspicious birth months for the Horse people.
January: Horses born in lunar January are upright, broad-minded and blessed with ancestral help and well-provided life. However, they are content with the status quo and make no attempt to make progress, just as the well-fed sons of rich families.

February: February Horses are smart, resourceful and graceful, often neatly dressed, clean and tidy. Free and unrestrained, they are unwilling to be bound by others and lack the sense of organizational discipline. Though life is bumpy for them, the help from benefactors will keep them away from disasters.

March: March Horses are born wise, learned, capable and ambitious since childhood. With the help from elder generation and the support from others, they are blessed and will live a relatively smooth life and have everything go as desired.

April: For April Horses, life means many ups and downs. Though well-fed, they seldom make something great and have limited savings despite the hard work. With no relatives to rely on, they have to strive on their own. If they fight against fate and never be daunted by the difficulties ahead, they will make a career.

May: May Horses have to start from scratch by their own intelligence and diligence since there are no relatives to rely on. After innumerable trials and hardships, they will make the splendid career and enjoy happiness in old age.

June: June Horses can always carry things through to the end. With limited help from relatives, they have to work hard, earn their own living and find it hard to succeed.

July: July Horses are clever, elegant and attractive, spending a life free from disasters. Despite the fallen ancestral property, they have special expertise and can thrive on their own intelligence. Supported by benefactors, they can win honor and distinction for their families and make the poor family rich.

August: August Horses are brilliant, honest, faithful, noble and endowed with civil and martial virtues. With their own efforts and others' support, they can develop the career gradually and make outstanding achievements. Generally, they are blessed people without major disasters.

September: September Horses are satisfactory with the present and muddle along. With good intelligence and talent, they have no grand goals and tend to live an ordinary life. They are weak-minded and get discouraged once frustrated. If they can strive to be strong, their future will be promising.

October: With many twists and turns in life, October Horses tend to spend a very hard life and have to go through all kinds of disasters due to the limited ancestral property and no support from relatives and others. Luckily, they are strong-willed, smart and competent and will become influential and prosperous after middle age. In brief, they are the models who build up from nothing.

November: November Horses are on the straight, upright, aspiring and proud. In youth, they have neither ancestral property nor relatives to reply on and experience many hardships. They have better luck after middle age and enjoy a happy life in later years.

December: December Horses are blessed with both happiness and richness and enjoy family harmony. In early youth, they study hard and get scholarly honor. Also they are kind-hearted, respected and famous everywhere. In later years, they enjoy good health, glory and splendor.