Dragon's Fate by Birth Month

Note: The months here is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Please use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool on Chinese calendar page to find your lunar birth month. 
Best Birth Months for the Dragon: The Dragon people born in February, March, April, July or August are usually lucky and fortunate.
January: Dragon people born in January (Chinese calendar), with ambition, lofty ideals and talents, find no ample scope for abilities, just like a dragon in shallow water which cannot rise to the sky to display the ability. Therefore, most of them live in obscurity all the life. With no relatives to depend on and limited support from others, they strive to develop on their own, thus find it difficult to succeed in career. Besides, they don't care about settling down and most of them get married late.

February: February Dragons are wise and talented, moving about freely and quickly like a soaring dragon and winning respect from the public. With substantial help from others, they have everything go well, spend a life without big disasters and make a flourishing career with rolling profits. Life means high position, great wealth and many children and grandchildren for February Dragons who are blessed with fame and wealth.

March: March Dragons are delicate, pretty, smart, learned and capable, brave and astute, and of strong organizational and leading capacity, thus can set up the prestige quickly among the masses. In career, the great help from others will enable them to carry out everything smoothly. Most of them are promising in the official career and can be famous everywhere.

April: April Dragons are sturdy, vigorous, upright and straightforward. Blessed by the auspicious star Zi Wei, they will be promoted to the high post with matched salary and become famous.

May: May Dragons are gifted and very popular yet bad-tempered, weird and arbitrary loose cannons. They tend to be successful in official career and grow into the backbone of the country. Failure to change the bad temper and leading method, however, will cause many setbacks.

June: June Dragons are talented, clever and sensible but not favored by chances. No help from the benefactor in career will lead to the poor luck. In business, the intertwined good and bad fortune will cause the ups and downs throughout the whole life.

July: July Dragons are smart, capable, courageous, knowledgeable and very wise, thus live a happy and gorgeous life. With the help from relatives, friends and benefactors, they will develop the career quickly to achieve the goals established.

August: August Dragons are intelligent, refined, elegant, outstanding, respected and of uncommon brilliance. They love to travel around and boast great ambition. Supported by the benefactors, they can always turn calamities into blessings, succeed in everything they do, and enjoy lifelong happiness and pouring profits.

September: September Dragons are gentle, honest, dignified and indomitable. They bear up in failures and get up steam to start anew. Sometimes, they lose temper and behave quite domineeringly. They are supported by benefactors while developing the career and always get what they want, enjoying a well-fed and blessed life without big disasters.

October: October Dragons, though intellectual, are lazy and content with the status quo and submit to the will of Heaven rather than make great efforts. They'd rather live alone than with the masses. Fortunately, they won't experience great dangers in life.

November: Despite the super talent and great ambition, November Dragons find limited chances in life and they either miss the opportunities or are framed up by the villains to make the success in vain. They are suggested to size up the situation, make many friends, plan things carefully and carry out step by step to be successful.

December: Born at the wrong time, December Dragons find it hard to achieve the ambition and ideal and they always bitterly struggle on the way to success. Lack of help from benefactors and with no relatives to rely on, they develop the career slowly and often get half the results with twice the effort. If they are courageous enough to fight against the fate and get in touch with talented friends, career success will he hopeful.