Rooster's Fate by Birth Month

Note: The months here is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Please use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool on Chinese calendar page to find your lunar birth month. 
Best Birth Months for the Rooster: February, March, April, August, September
January: Roosters born in January as per Chinese calendar are well provided for and generally enjoy both health and longevity. With neither ancestral heritage nor support from benefactors, they have to depend entirely on self-reliance in career development. Rooster people born in this month can enjoy domestic bliss and colorful spiritual life despite of the average career.

February: Roosters born in February are clever and intelligent yet unsociable, have a holier-than-thou manner and reluctantly get along with the ordinary people. Intelligent and fond of study as they are, they have no chance to carry out their ideals and no ancestral property to inherit; also, they get seldom help from parents and find it hard to be an official, because they tend to be frustrated in every exam and can only apply what they have learned in middle and old age.

March: Blessed with good luck for the whole life, March Roosters are very interested in learning, talented in literature and lucky in official career. Roosters born in this month can get help from relatives, friends and benefactors to develop the career smoothly. Generally, they are well-provided for, can uphold the family honor and bring fame to the descendants.

April: Roosters born in April are adventurous and destined to experience twists and turns. Generally, they tend to have a disaster in later years and find it hard to accomplish a grand cause. They are well organized and ambitious, yet arrogant and supercilious, thus frustrated for all the talent. It is their skills that bring them the fame. Though talented, they have limited wealth.

May: May Roosters will encounter marked rise and fall. With the help from relatives, they are well provided for and blessed with a big family. The successful career built up in the first half of life will fail soon. In the second half of life, however, they will get a stable yet average development in career.

June: June Roosters tend to toil in the whole life rather than spend a peaceful and rich life. They can hardly rely on relatives, benefactors or friends and encounter many difficulties in career which will prevent them to develop smoothly. Despite of the unexpected ups and downs, they can make a career as long as they never give up.

July: Roosters born in July tend to live a happy, well-provided and smooth life. Highly career-minded and with the great help from relatives, they can develop the career successfully and make remarkable achievements. In addition, they are on good terms with their families and can get great help from the loved ones, so as to live a care-free life even if without hard work.

August: Brilliant and ambitious, August Roosters enjoy high position and great wealth and they are respected by the public. Despite of the limited ancestral property and help from relatives, they are diligent and studious and defy difficulties. Also, they are assisted by the benefactors in career to turn ill luck into good and develop the career quickly and smoothly, especially in official career and business.

September: Roosters born in September tend to live a well-fed life. Although they barely inherit property, they are supported by benefactors to spend the life in a happy and leisurely manner without big disasters. Irritable, self-centered, arbitrary and tough as they are, they have extremely good luck in making money and usually live a happy and free life.

October: Life for October Roosters is often ordinary. They have neither ideal nor interest in learning, trusting to luck and drifting along. Though no ancestral inheritance, they are lucky enough to get help from brothers and sisters and often enjoy domestic bliss in middle age. They are usually in good health and seldom fall sick.

November: November Roosters are ready-witted, gifted and ambitious. They have to rely on themselves in entrepreneurship since there is limited ancestral property, family support and help from benefactors. Therefore, they often feel lonely and frustrated and sometimes suffer personal financial losses out of the economic disputes.

December: December Roosters spend a toiling life and don't know how to enjoy life though well-provided for. Quick-witted and talented as they are, they tend to encounter many hardships in entrepreneurship due to the declined family fortune, no support from parents and limited help from brothers.