Rat's Fate by Birth Month

Note: The months here is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Please use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool on Chinese calendar page to find your lunar birth month. 
Best Birth Months for the Rat: Birth months that could bring good luck to the Rat people are January, May, July, August and Septmber.
January: January Rats are well-provided for throughout the whole life. With a solid foundation of ancestral property and substantial legacy, they are blessed by the elder generation and spoiled by the family. Generally, Rat people born in lunar January often reap without sowing and lead a well-fed life.
February: February Rats tend to grow up in twists and turns. They are gentle, elegant and talented yet timid and overcautious, get many ancestral help but obtain little legacy. Usually, they can get along with siblings and help each other. Rat people born in lunar February can take an official post like secretary and seldom hold immense power.
March: March Rats are quite softhearted and kind. They often shed tears, hold a pessimistic attitude, see the dark side of the world and even want to flee the world.
April: April Rats live an ordinary life and have to rush about to make a living. With no ancestral property and poor relationship with siblings, they can hardly get support from relatives or benefactors and find it hard to make a grand cause.
May: May Rats work hard and live a happy and glorious life. With neither ancestral property nor parental support, they have to make a living by virtue of their intelligence, fighting spirit and hard work. Helped by benefactors, they can develop the career smoothly and make money from one way or another. After middle age, they are quite wealthy and win the respect and admiration of the public.
June: June Rats rise from and stand out in hardships. With limited ancestral property and no relatives to rely on, they have to earn their own living. Despite the support from benefactors, they are willing to but powerless to make a grand cause because of the poor health. Resolute and strong-willed, Rat people born in lunar June can rise from hardships for a successful career. 
July: July Rats tend to live a well-provided and happy life. Broad-minded as they are, they benefit from the substantial ancestral property and parental support, get along with family and support each other. Also, they are assisted by benefactors to succeed in career without great efforts. In brief, Rat people born in lunar July are blessed without big disasters.
August: August Rats are admired by others for their intelligence and spend a well-off life with both wealth and rank. With prosperous ancestral property and support from parents and benefactors, they make the career better and better.
September: September Rats are quiet, unsociable and unambitious but have excellent family ties and marry a good partner. They usually enjoy the lifelong domestic bliss and spend a well-being life.
October: October Rats usually spend a hard and ordinary life. Despite the limited ancestral property and no relatives to rely on, they are ambitious and well-educated and experience many ups and downs though no big disasters.
November: November Rats tend to experience no catastrophe in life and spend half of the life in hardships and the other half in peace. With neither ancestral property nor relatives to depend on, they are supported by benefactors in middle age to advance rapidly and succeed soon, leading a carefree life therefrom. That is to say, Rat people born in lunar November live a hard life in early years and enjoy happiness in later years.
December: December Rats can spend a peaceful and contented life. With sufficient ancestral property and spoiled by parents, they have good relationship with siblings, marry a good partner and get support from benefactors, thus become successful quickly.