Pig's Fate by Birth Month

Note: The months here is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Please use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool on Chinese calendar page to find your lunar birth month. 
Best Birth Months for the Pig: January, February, April, September, November
January:  Pigs born in the first lunar month are intelligent, erudite, informed and agile, enjoying the good luck for the whole life. They can get help both from relatives and others, live in harmony with their families and assist each other to create a flourishing career and have treasures fill the home. Pig people born in this month are destined to enjoy longevity and blessings of nature and live free from serious disasters.
February: Pigs born in February are quite talented, energetic, kind and wise. Supported by the elders and saviors, they are respected for their ability and virtue. Pigs in business will get profits pouring in from all sides, live in big houses and become famous. Pigs born in this month are usually healthy and wealthy.
March: Pigs born in March are clever and quick-witted, resolute and steadfast, vigorous and ambitious. Without ancestral property and help from relatives, they have to build up a business with their own intelligence, wisdom and hard work. Being hometown-oriented, they will never forget to pay back the neighborhood once they succeed.
April: Smart from birth, Pig people born in April are forthright, frank, talented, eloquent and ambitious. With the love of parents and the support of others, they tend to build a brilliant career and live a rich, happy and peaceful life. The unpractical ideas, however, will prevent them from success if they fail to come down to earth.
May: Of weak characters and conservative thoughts, Pigs born in May lack of pioneering spirit and always think too much despite of the talent, thus miss the good opportunities and have to resign to fate. Talented in art, they can make great achievements in the domain. Usually, they arduously start a business in early years and achieve something great, carry forward the talent and get wide recognition in later years.
June: Pigs born in June are marvelously intelligent and live a free and easy life with ups and downs. If they can strive to be better, they will stand out no matter what they do. However, they are playful, which may lead to the downfall of their career.
July: Being blessed naturally, Pigs born in July will be well-fed and well-clothed throughout the life. With the help from parents and kin and the support from others, they will triumph in career easily. They are so bad-tempered and arbitrary that they can hardly build a successful career just by the working method other than good luck.
August: Pigs born in August tend to live an arduous childhood, make a name in youth and middle age, and spend a wealthy and glorious life. They can seldom depend on the ancestral property and relatives. Luckily, the support from saviors will turn calamities into blessings. Of great intelligence and insightful views, they behave above the average and develop the career, fame and power progressively until becoming eminent.
September: Pigs born in September are smart and spoiled by parents. With close relationship with brothers and sisters, they are good at making friends and can live a rich life even if without toiling and taking pains. They live leisurely as if in paradise. However, they should take more exercise to prevent hypertension caused by obesity.
October: Pigs born in October can barely rely on parents, sisters and brothers, and they have to make a career thru diligence and wisdom. With the support from saviors, they can rapidly build up a career and make remarkable achievements. Of regular features, they are upright, honest, helpful, respected and praised by others for the whole life. In later years, they will become even more wealthy and prosperous.
November: Pigs born in November are well-featured, smart, easy-going, upright and honest. They value loyalty and manners and apply in the real life, winning the respect of others. Helped by the elders and supported by friends, they develop career smoothly and live without serious disasters.
December: Pigs born in December are usually chubby and inherit sufficient ancestral property but seldom favor from parents and support from friends or saviors. Instead, they have to pioneer an enterprise with painstaking efforts, during which they will encounter many setbacks and hardships. Though talented, they can hardly display due to no power. The many hardships in life will even affect their health and they are prone to hypertension. They should take more exercise.