Sheep's Fate by Birth Month

Note: The months here is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Please use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool on Chinese calendar page to find your lunar birth month. 
Best Birth Months for the Sheep: The Sheep people born in March, May, June or July could enjoy a good fortune and luck in various aspects.

January: Sheep people born in lunar January are intelligent, lively, quiet, elegant and supremely gifted yet of fallen ancestral property and limited support from relatives, thus have to strive on their own. They can make a noble profession which will benefit them a lot.

February: The sweet-tempered February Sheep are capable of dealing with all men and they are real socializers blesses with a well-provided life. With the help from friends and the support from relatives, they will have money roll in from all directions and sources.

March: March Sheep are clever, virtuous and popular. Helped by relatives and supported by friends, they will live a healthy, wealthy and happy life without big disasters. They can make greater things and spend a blessed life leisurely.

April: April Sheep people tend to experience ups and downs in career but they are strong-willed, indomitable and fearless to hardships. Despite of many setbacks, they can always overcome to get success. They are blessed with family harmony and promising children who can inherit and carry forward their career.

May: Of strong will and outstanding talent, May Sheep can lead others to make greater things and get both respect and support. With helpful elder generation, good wives and children, they make a brilliant career and are free from big disasters.

June: June Sheep are very bold and intelligent, respected and loved by all. With the help from friends, they can develop the career and succeed quickly. Loyal and frank, they never tend to cheat others and are ready to offer help, thus lucky and have profits pouring in from all sides.

July: July Sheep are smart, capable, highly-determined, indomitable, brave and astute and they can rise up tenaciously from hardships and get respect with their talent and wisdom. They may experience several twists and turns in career but they can learn lessons and rise up quickly to realize a remarkable success.

August: Of fallen ancestral property, the smart and naughty August Sheep are vigorously supported by friends and benefactors to make a flourishing career and family and to glorify and illuminate the ancestors. They might be in a dangerous state for many times yet always stay safe from the slandering and framing of villains since they are blessed.

September: September Sheep tend to live a toiling life. Learned as they are, they can hardly depend on relatives or benefactors and find it hard to give paly to their talents and accomplish something great. Sheep people born in this month suffer from minor illnesses and are quite weak in old age, thus have to take more physical exercises.

October: October Sheep are destined to spend a happy and glory life. Though no ancestral property to depend on, the smart October Sheep are supported by benefactors to get promoted rapidly for prominent official positions and respected by others. Warm and loyal to people, they are popular with others, make a thriving career and always turn ill luck into good since they are blessed.

November: Though no lack of food and clothing, November Sheep seldom make greater things. With no ancestral property and relatives to rely on and limited support from friends and benefactors, most of them live an ordinary life. Therefore, they are suggested to set goals first and work hard for the goals rather than submit to the will of Heaven, or they will make nothing in the life.
December: Sheep people born in the twelfth lunar month are honest and tolerant but have no relatives to rely on. Therefore, they can hardly succeed and tend to experience many ups and downs in early years. Once determined and never give up, they will gain both fame and wealth in middle age and enjoy both felicity and longevity in old age. Strong-willed and self-motivated, they are indomitable and wise, advance despite difficulties and can make something great.