Most Attractive Chinese Zodiac Signs

Among all the 12 Chinese zodiac signs, the most attractive ones include Rat, Rabbit, Horse and Rooster. See what make them attractive to others.


With a strong sense of responsibility, people under the Rat sign work earnestly and they are responsible for family, generous and kind to others; generally, they never demand others to do anything, making others feel comfortable and casual to stay with them. Usually, Rats are calm and seldom dress up but look fresh and simple or solitarily amazing. They basically don't show a particular enthusiasm for someone, or even if they're passionate about you inside, they won't be menial or pretentious. Therefore, the quiet and amazing Rats often inspire your desire to conquer and make you eager to succeed or open their hearts.


People under the Rabbit sign are usually delicate or well built. Women are hot while men are handsome. The attracting part lies in that the female Rabbit is so weak that motivate people to protect her, and she is often the focus in the crowd and can be found easily. The male Rabbits are attractive to the opposite sex and tend to be the fantasy; also, their beautiful bodies and handsome appearance conciliate others and leave a good impression.


Of uncommon brilliance, People under the Horse sign have a keen interest in many things, from which they benefit a lot. Therefore, they are the extremely brilliant and gifted. Usually, they are vigorous, enthusiastic and passionate, easily drive or motivate others. Horses tend to be the core of a group and they often attract the self-abased and the negative people who can get the sense of being or security from them.


Rooster people look gorgeous as they know how to dress up to be luxury and make others feel humble or inferior. Since they often succeed in business and have a certain talent in business, they are very attractive to those in lack of material safety. Also, those hunting for beauties are attracted by the external dressing of Roosters.

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Sheep personality - more bad than good? (3 Replies ) Asked by N***7

Hi I would like to ask, as a sheep male (earth sheep, January 1980) how can I change the many negative qualities of Sheeps to improve quality of life personally and professionally and generally? while I know there is no 'better or worse' sign in Chinese zodiac, despite reading many interpretations of the sheep sign, I feel as thought my sign seems to be simpletons in a flock, that have more disadvantages than any other sign. Compared with any other sign (such as Rat or Monkey which have short negativity lists), the negativity list for Sheeps are very long and include: slow to take action, miss opportunties, unskilled to take on adventurous and risky roles in their jobs, cannot be leaders, conservative, not independant, not pioneers, not decision makers, etc. As a man, these are all terrible problems to have! It also seems every year for the Sheep for the last 10 years has been average or bad; in 2017 the prediction is for an even worse year. And for relationships, they seem to only get on with other docile animals like the horse, pigs and rabbits. While every sign has their advantages, I am not attracted to people of these 3 zodiac personality types that also lack strong personalities and leadership roles. This means, as a man, if I am docile and quiet, a sissy, and not even socialable preferring to stay indoors, I am fighting an uphill battle to attract a female of a very different sign who does not have these qualities and probably would not look upon them favourably. I feel as though being a Sheep has locked my future into a boring and 'blue collar' person. Whilst other personalities have drive, confidence, opportunities, luck and a strong will, the sheep seems to be just another worker bee without any outstanding or redeeming qualities that would make them leaders in the world or captains of industry, or attractive to the opposite sex. Certainly no partner would be attracted to someone who is not sure of himself, quiet, docile, needy, or unable to be a leader. How can a sheep change all these negative qualities to increase their chances for good fortune in life? Thank you for taking my question.