Rabbit's Fate by Birth Month

Note: The months here is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Please use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool on Chinese calendar page to find your lunar birth month. 
Best Birth Months for the Rabbit: Best birth months for the Rabbits include February, March, April, May and August. They are endowed with good luck in many aspects.
January: January Rabbits, though well-provided for, have to rush about to make a living and get few chances to succeed. If they are cared by grandparents, they will need not to be on the go. Once January Rabbit people can be practical, do their own jobs and make plans, they can also avoid rushing about.
February: Despite the frustrations, February Rabbits are well-fed, famous and wealthy, featuring a promising future. They can enrich their experience and cultivate themselves in the storms to take on the road to happiness.
March: March Rabbits are blessed people who are smart, lively, open-minded, bold and resourceful. Generally, they have a bright future, brilliant career and great power. Whether in making money or serving for the government, they can always have their wishes come true without making great efforts.
April: April Rabbits are gentle, elegant and erudite. No matter in literature or military affairs, they are capable of brilliant achievements. April Rabbit people enjoy family happiness and have a good husband or wife and celebrated children. They are indeed of high position and great wealth, spending a happy and splendid life smoothly.
May: May Rabbits are commercially minded people who can run their business skillfully. With great cultural attainment, they treat others respectfully and cooperate with others honestly, thus beloved and supported by everyone. May Rabbit people tend to spend the whole life in great triumph without severe disaster.
June: June Rabbits of leadership and authority can direct others at work and win the respect. They develop the career smoothly and rapidly by virtue of the good luck. Also, they enjoy good health and have a good wife and noble children. 
July: July Rabbits are intelligent, sensitive and efficient. They make remarkable achievements in career, experience no big disasters and have everything go as desired. Also, July Rabbit people are well-fed from abundant financial resources. What's more, they are good at writing and can bring glory on their ancestors.
August: August Rabbits are good-natured, noble, popular and flexible, can size up the situation and analyze things skillfully. Because of this, most of them can be influential officials. With abundant financial resources and promising children, August Rabbit people usually enjoy high position and great wealth for the whole life.
September: September Rabbits are less motivated and confident yet sluggish and trust to luck, thus not very rich though well-provided for. For them, the biggest shortcoming lies in laziness and no enterprising spirit. Once they get rid of it, they will have a bright future.
October: October Rabbits are unsociable and willing to stay at home for a long time. Self-contained and supercilious, they may experience something dangerous even if unwilling to be in the public eye. Fortunately, the support from benefactors will help them head off the danger.
November: November Rabbits, of limited ancestral property and sibling support, have to leave the hometown to make a living. Usually, they make money in youth hardly and find it hard to accumulate wealth since they focus on righteousness rather than money. In middle age, everything will go well and in old age, they will enjoy happiness and longevity.
December: December Rabbits are quick-witted and nimble-fingered, prudent and resourceful. They study hard in early youth, make great achievements and lead a carefree life. In middle age, they gradually stand on their own feet and become thriving. December Rabbit people are recommended to marry late and they are often blessed and rich in old age.