Dog's Fate by Birth Month

Note: The months here is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Please use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool on Chinese calendar page to find your lunar birth month. 
Best Birth Months for the Dog: January, February, March, August, December
January: Dog people born in January are healthy and honest and they tend to live a rich and peaceful life with no big disasters. Loved and helped by parents, they will live a carefree life. They are so honest and frank that they can hardly make great achievements in career and make a living on the stable and easy work.
February: Dogs born in February are bold, and usually live a life full of joys and sorrows. Since they are bold, they are self-contained, eccentric, self-centered and supercilious, and like to bully others and be flattered. Given to capricious moods, they often stir up troubles yet suffer from no calamity due to the help of others.
March: Dog people born in March are pretty, smart and versatile yet eccentric and they tend to live a happy and comfortable life. Bright and capable, they have an inquiring mind and usually make a good fortune on their own rather than on the ancestral property. With the help of friends and others, they can make a great career. 
April: Dog people born in April are blessed by the auspicious star Zi Wei (紫薇) for the whole life, thus live a comfortable life with no great ups and downs. They are gentle, loyal, unambitious and content with the status quo. Despite of the limited ancestral property, they are loved by parents and supported by relatives.
May: Dogs born in May are unyielding, hard-working, decent, and well-behaved, get greedy in old age and cannot depend on their parents. They enjoy good health and certain success in youth, have good luck in middle age and live a glorious life in old age.
June: Dog people born in June are intelligent and straightforward. Though they have aspiration and ability, the poor luck makes it hard for them to realize the ideal.
July: Dogs born in July are pure, neither firm nor weak, and often carry things through to the end. With limited support from relatives, they have to work hard and usually start a career at the age of 35 or so, sail with the wind at the age of 40, enjoy peace at the age of 50 and make a prosperous career in later years.
August: Dog people born in August tend to enjoy both happiness and glory throughout the life. Bright and capable, they are widely recognized. With the help of elder generation and the support from others, they can develop a career rapidly, get profits from all sides and lead a luxury life. Sometimes, they go to extremes and offend others on impulse, which will affect their career and future slightly.
September: Dogs born in September are resolute, steadfast, extraordinarily intelligent and talented. With lofty ideals and aims, they can get help from others and get quite powerful once become officials. The unyielding character, however, sometimes leads to serious mistakes at work. Honest and upright, they never value money too much and often live a plain life with limited saving despite of the high position.
October: Dog people born in October can hardly get help from relatives or rely on ancestral property but build up fortune from scratch. They tend to experience ups and downs in later years, find it hard to accumulate a fortune and have to start a career with steady steps.
November: Dogs born in November are hot-tempered, straightforward, talented, persistent and generous but can hardly gather money. With no support from relatives, they have to rely on their own and make a living in a place far away from home. Generally, they have poor luck between the age 23 and 25 and good luck at the age 27 or so, experience risks at the age of 49 and between the age 56 and 59 and enjoy no good luck until the age of 70.
December: Dog people born in December are blessed with a happy and glorious life and a happy family. They can get help from elder generation and support from friends and their relatives also can stand out. As a result, they will live a comfortable life without hard work. However, they never lead an idle life, often make great achievements, become famous before the age of 40 and accumulate a considerable wealth.