Ox's Fate by Birth Month

Note: The months here is based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Please use the Gregorian-Chinese Calendar Converter tool on Chinese calendar page to find your lunar birth month. 
Best Birth Months for the Ox: The Ox people born in March, July, August or September usually could enjoy a good fortune in life.
January: January Oxen often have poor luck in youth, good luck in middle age, and blessed old age. Though well-provided for, they have to earn their own living through hard work and go through depressions due to the limited ancestral property.
February: February Oxen often acts on their courage and take no advice from others, thus struggle in hardships for the whole life. They are suggested to take more self-cultivations, think over carefully and never act arbitrarily, so as to make progress step by step and create a career.
March: March Oxen are blessed with a carefree and happy life. Without making too many efforts, they can live with enough food and win the respect from others. Despite the hidden risks, Ox people born in lunar March are helped by benefactors to turn calamities into blessings.
April: April Oxen, with fair luck, spend a hard life and rush about to make a living. They are often subject to the control and order of others. Despite the poor birth month, they may also change their fortune through great efforts.
May: May Oxen, with no relatives to rely on and no benefactors to offer help, generally lead an ordinary life with twists and turns. Once they set feasible goals and make more efforts than others, they will change their fate.
June: June Oxen toil hard in youth and get developed in middle age, spending a life well rather than ill. Supported by benefactors, they can make great achievements in art, learning and technology. Also, Oxen born in lunar June have many friends and enjoy the happy, leisurely and carefree later years.
July: July Oxen, with substantial ancestral property and help from relatives, are well-provided for, experience no big disasters and make money from one way or another. In later years, they are even more blessed, long-lived and accompanied by filial children and grandchildren.
August: Clever and sensible as they are, August Oxen gain both acclaim and fortune, get profits pouring in from all sides and make prosperous family fortune. They could be technical authority, enjoying high prestige and command universal respect in later years.
September: September Oxen boast the extraordinary courage, wisdom and energy and get support from benefactors. They have power in hand for the whole life, get promoted step by step and achieve a lot in career, thus the big potatoes with both resourcefulness and power.
October: October Oxen spend the youth in bitterness and poverty. With no ancestral property to inherit, they stand on their own feet and have a good mind in running a business. Their career gets off the ground in middle age, presenting certain achievements. With abundant wealth, Ox people born in lunar October are well-fed and blessed in old age.
November: November Oxen spend a hard life with many twists and turns and get no assistance from any benefactors. Though they are willing to make a cause, things go contrary to their wishes and they get limited results no matter how hard they work. They are suggested to make more efforts rather than go dispirited to become successful.
December: December Oxen, with high aspirations, struggle for fame and successful career in the whole life but get fame and no wealth. Ox people born in lunar December are blessed with good family ties and they are content to lead a humble but virtuous life with their family.