Ox Horoscope 2016

2016 Yearly Horoscope for Ox

Yearly Horoscope Forecast for 2016: Good
Lucky Colors in 2016: gray, yellowish-brown
Lucky Numbers in 2016: 1, 5, 9
The Ox people are suggested to wear a bracelet with an ox sign to help bring good luck in 2016. 
The Ox 2016 (Year of the Monkey) astrology predictions foretell that you Ox people could enjoy a good fortune during the year. You will find that you could come into your own in work and are expected to rise directly to a high position. However, to avoid being envied by others, you should always keep a low profile. Relationship with your partner will also be good that enables you to spend a happy year. So long as you can adjust your state of mind, find out who you are and be that, you could have a year with a lot of progress. 
In financial aspects, the Ox people will have a profitable year. Besides the normal income, you are expected to have some extra ones during 2016. You will be lucky to get help from a savior. For businessmen, you business could grow steadily and money will roll in. The workers could perform outstandingly and win the boss's heart. Therefore, you are most probably to get a salary increase. Besides, with the help of your own inspiRation or the grapevine from your savior about investment, you could have an excellent harvest. While, you should control your desire and know when is best to leave off. 
Compared with the career fortune in 2015, the Ox could enjoy a better one in 2016. You would do much better in work and have an up rise in career. No matter in relationship with your colleagues or leaders, you could get along very well with them. So, you can cooperate smoothly and work efficiently. It's not suggested to change your job this year. If you want to change a working environment, you could apply to switch to another department. What you should remind in work in 2016 is to say less and do more, keep your head down and do your own work well. Only this way could bring your career to another new milestone.
Love Relationships:
For the married couples, especially for the female, you may feel lonely because of the few gathering with the partner. You may feel that some of the romance goes out as time passes. So, it's suggested to care more about each other and plan to go on a vacation to strengthen your relationship. If you want to have a baby this year, your hope could come true. For the singles, you are sure to yearn after affection. Attempt to ask friends or elder members of your family to introduce some proper ones would be greatly helpful to find your love. 
There will be no big problem for the Ox in physical condition in 2016. If you are weak in larynx or trachea, you should especially pay attention to the household cleaning and air quality to avoid triggering the relapse. So, renovation or replace the old furniture is not suggested this year. If your work needs to use machines, be careful enough to avoid getting hurt. Also stay away from some sharp tools at home as you are easy to be injured by these. Besides, the health condition of the seniors in your family should be especially cared this year.

Note: The above Chinese horoscopes prediction is based on people's birth year and the ancient Chinese astrology. It's just for your reference.

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