Rabbit Horoscope 2016

2016 Yearly Horoscope for Rabbit

Yearly Horoscope Forecast for 2016: Good
Lucky Colors in 2016: peach-pink, yellowish-brown
Lucky Numbers in 2016: 2, 5, 7
*The prediction is valid for 2016 starting from February 8, 2016 and lasting to January 27, 2017.
*The Rabbit people are suggested to wear a necklace, bracelet or ring with a rabbit sign to defuse those disadvantages and bring good luck in 2016. 
The fortune for you Rabbit in 2016 (Year of the Monkey) will be smooth upward. During the year, you could display your talent fully and are lucky enough to get help from a savior. Together with great effort, your career would be brought to a new milestone. In wealth, you should be prudent in financial management. There will be small twists and turns if you go out this year. E.g. weather changes, flight delays or loss of luggage. So, you are suggested to by travel insurance in case of any accident. Besides, it's a year during which you should keep your tongue in your jaw and your tow in your pump. All in all, it will be a year full of joyous occasions. No matter what reversal you have, you could manage to land on feet finally. 
For Tigers managing business, you can get support from partners and customers in 2016. There will be new breakthroughs in business development. Workers could be appreciated by superiors and get a salary increase. However, all of you should be careful in managing financial affairs. The married should avoid the money loss caused by the love triangle relation. Besides, you could get some extra money with the help of a savior. However, don't give others credit guarantee,or you would kiss your money goodbye. As long as you could keep moderate and conservative in investment, you are expected to get an increase in income.
With the help of two auspicious stars, you Rabbit will be lucky in career development in 2016. Your ability and talent could be appreciated by others thus a promotion is expected. If you plan to switch to another department or change a job, you'd better avoid the Chinese lunar month of August as it’s inauspicious. A wise head makes a close mouth. You are suggested to do more work and have less talk. Besides, be modest and don't give too much advice to those affairs out of your business. If you could handle interpersonal relations well, your career will be blossom in the year. 
Love Relationships: 
For the singles, you are expected to begin a love relationship with the help of the elders. While, you need more time to learn each other. For those have been together for years, 2016 is a good year to get married. But, you should balance the work and emotional life this year. To the married couples, you may be tempted to get involved in secret affairs or love triangles. So, you should avoid being too enthusiastic to others in case to get some misunderstand. 
Health will generally be ok for you Rabbits in 2016. You will have more chances to engage in social activities, so you are easy to overeat without control. Adjust your schedule and moderately do some exercise are highly suggested. If you plan a travel this year, you may have some small accidents. So, be sure to buy travel insurance before the trip. For drivers, you should pay special attention to road safety this year.   
The above Chinese horoscopes prediction is based on people's birth year and the ancient Chinese astrology. It's just for your reference.