North Main Door for Tiger


Good Day, My father and mother are both tiger.

They said that My father bad luck location is noth main door, is it mean that he cannot go out of the house forever and have to go to our back door located in West, but we other horoscope can go outside using the front door?

What about our gate?, our gate is North West.

For now we all are using the backdoor.

These are all our horoscope

Father 9/23/1962 tiger
Mother 8/24/1962 tiger

Me 3/20/1989 snake
my wife 11/3/1989 snake

Lil bro 1/20/1995 dog?
his wife 1/12/1992 ox?
their son 7/2/2016 monkey

lil bro 3/27/2001 tiger

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Northwest is the lucky direction for both of you. Don't worry about this.

The north facing main door is only not auspicious for your father, the other members have no problem to go out of the house from that door. You are suggested to put some plants and flowers besides the door to bring good Feng Shui, so your father still could go out from the door.
So you mean to say, we snake are best to out using North West Door
Yes, there is no problem for you to using Northwest door. It's very auspicious to you.

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