2020 Chinese Horoscope For horse

horse Horoscope
Lucky Number: 3, 6
Lucky Color: White, Yellow
The earthly branch of Horse will conflict with the heavenly stem of Rat in 2020. As a result, you Horses will be in conflict with Tai Sui - Grand Duke Jupiter. Affected by the conflict with Tai Sui, your fortune in all aspects will change a lot and even decline.
2020 Horoscope for horse born in: 1966 1978 1990


Rating: 2 stars
The earthly branch of Horse will conflict with the heavenly stem of Rat in 2020. As a result, you people born in those Horse years will be in conflict with Tai Sui - Grand Duke Jupiter, just like no intercourse between water and fire. Affected by the conflict with Tai Sui, your fortune in all aspects will change a lot and even decline. What's more, you Horses will be afflicted by several inauspicious stars and see one after another disaster. Because of this, every aspect, either career or daily life, can be gloomy, and even your health will be inevasible from it.

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Rating: 2 stars
The career of you Horse people will be on the slide in 2020 and the inauspicious star Tian Ku will make you labor hard yet get little avail. Due to the inauspicious stars, you can become unsociable and eccentric, find it hard to assimilate into the working environment, and alienate with your coworkers. If you do not offer help when others are in need, you will get no help when you are in trouble, so train your collective spirit, be kind to others, and get along with your colleagues. Only in this way can you achieve an all-win result and get the support of other people.


Rating: 2 stars
Horses will have little luck for money in 2020. The unsmooth career will naturally affect your wage earnings, so your income from work will be unstable. In addition, the inauspicious star Da Hao in charge of money loss will make it hard for you to save money and even lead to a bankruptcy. You may encounter problems which require money to fix. Therefore, you should be more cautious as caution is the parent of safety and never be beset with a crisis due to your negligence. At the same time, watch your personal property and prevent if from being stolen by lawbreakers. 

Love Relationship

Rating: 2 stars
Love relationship can be also unstable for Horse people, either in love or in marriage. You may find each other less affectionate due to the lack of communication and even fall in a cold war and suffer from lovesickness. Affected by the inauspicious star Tian Ku, you may become more unsocial and unsmooth in love, and even get on bad terms with your family. As a result, you are suggested to care about those who love you and take the initiative to talk with your family, so as to open your mind, resolve misunderstandings and conflicts, and further improve your relationship. 


Rating: 2 stars
This year, health can be particularly unsatisfactory for you Horse people. The conflict with Tai Sui and the impact of several inauspicious stars will make the overall situation very bad - Lan Gan means unexpected disasters, Da Hao means weakness and health issues while Tian Ku will make you heavyhearted, emotional and bothered by the burden of life; the considerable stress, if not vented properly, will lead to a disaster and you will be threatened by growing crisis. Therefore, you are suggested to be more careful in everything this year and give priority to health and safety. Only if you take good care of yourself can you better deal with the test brought about by the conflict with Tai Sui. 

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