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People of Pig sign will be like lucky dogs in 2020. Blessed by the auspicious star Jiang Xing, you will be quite lucky in both career and wealth, as if supported by God. However, love relationship will not be so lucky but ordinary and it depends on good luck for you to meet the right one! Health will be what you need to care about most because this is the least blessed aspect. Do not neglect health for the sake of work but lay equal stress on both to achieve success. In short, the overall trend of Pigs will be very good in 2020. Do seize the opportunity because such a chance cannot be missed. Success often lies in a specific point, so make sure you will take the chance.


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Quite blessed in career, you people born in Pig years will be at the pinnacle of career, so seize the opportunity and never waste the good luck for career. Try more different jobs, you will find the suitable one unexpectedly. In terms of face reading, you Pig people are the pronoun of Straight A student and elite as you are very smart and most suitable for starting up business. But if not permitted by objective conditions, you can also work for others to accomplish something; do not slack off because of your intelligence - success consists of 1% gift and 99% effort. Only if you make good use of your energy and talent can you live up to the pretty good luck for career in this year. 


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Pigs will be very lucky in making money and get great benefits in stock investments. But you should control your desire to spend money. Otherwise, you will fail to balance out income and costs and save no money. In addition to investment, you will also have a chance to get windfall from buying lottery tickets, picking up money or being thanked for doing boldly what is righteous. In a word, do more good deeds and accumulate luck to be more blessed in wealth and to get help from others. 

Love Relationship

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Love relationship will also be blessed for you people of Pig sign and you can feel at ease about it. Assisted by the auspicious star Tian Xi, you single Pigs will be more likely to start a relationship and get more popular with the opposite sex. Even so, you cannot completely focus on love relationship but lay equal stress on work and love because bread is the foundation of love and happiness. For married Pigs, you should maintain the marriage properly and stay away from extramarital relationship; everything else but betrayal of marriage, not even once, can be forgiven. 


Rating: 2 stars
Health will be less satisfactory for Pigs in 2020 and you may suffer from a serious illness which is intense and irresistible. But don't fuss too much about it as it is not an incurable disease like cancer but can be very torturous and painful. Do not lose heart, be confident and keep delighted. Only in this way can you recover better and faster. For your, the major reason for getting sick will be working day and night which constantly consumes your health; once you stay up late for a long time and be knackered for a long time, illnesses, serious or minor, will hit you and drag you down step by step. 

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