2020 Chinese Horoscope For rooster

rooster Horoscope
Lucky Number: 2, 5
Lucky Color: Purple, Golden
In 2020, you people of Rooster sign will damage Tai Sui - the legendary God in charge of people's fortune in the year, so the overall fortune can be unstable. Damaging Tai Sui will cause you in poor health, so be careful in daily life.
2020 Horoscope for rooster born in: 1969 1981 1993


Rating: 3 stars
In 2020, you people of Rooster sign will Destroyed by Tai Sui - the legendary God in charge of people's fortune in the year, so the overall fortune can be unstable. Career will be the best aspect in this year and you can scale new heights and accomplish something under the blessing of auspicious stars; the unfavorable luck for wealth will require you to watch more about your money; despite the luck in love relationship, you need to keep an eye on the unfavorable one when starting a relationship. As for health, damaging Tai Sui will cause you in poor health, so be careful in daily life. 


Rating: 3 stars
With the help of the auspicious star Tang Fu, you Roosters will see greater advance in career than last year, may suddenly make a rise in life and get great power. Even if you are a petty clerk, you can bob up again like a cork, get both promotion and salary rise and make a difference in your main occupation. However, this will require you to devote more to career, actively complete the tasks assigned by your superior and keep a good relationship with colleagues. The better development in career can also make up for the lack of financial fortune to a certain extent. 


Rating: 4 stars
You people born in Rooster years will be less blessed in wealth during the year of 2020. Wage income can be fine and your income will not decline so seriously due to the good start of career. But the income from other sources can be unfavorable and you may probably go bankrupt. 2020 will not be a good year for starting up business in view of your poor luck and you will find it hard to get the desired results; on the other hand, you may meet someone with a sinister plot and your luck for wealth may be affected if you choose such people as your partner.

Love Relationship

Rating: 3 stars
Nothing special will happen to the love of you Rooster people - neither intense relationship nor breaking up. This year, you may get quite popular with the opposite sex but find it hard to crush on someone; what's more, you might be caught in an undesired relationship once you are careless, so keep an eye on choosing a partner. On the other hand, the devotion of all energies to career may prevent you from caring enough about the family and you need to communicate more with your partner, don't quarrel over trifles and try to balance between family and career. 


Rating: 2 stars
Due to damaging Tai Sui - Grand Duke Jupiter or Grand Commander of the year, inauspicious stars such as Jiao Sha and Fu Shi will cause you in poor health. Jiao Sha will mainly bring some disasters, which means you should avoid the accident-prone areas or outdoor activities in daily life and be careful about unforeseen disasters when working outside. Fu Shi, a star representing illness, will make you or one of your family members suffer from an illness as serious as completely bedridden or fetal. You can wear a green agate bracelet with Rooster sign to keep good healthy in 2020. If you often drive, you’d better hang a Yellow Citrine Double Pi Xiu Rearview Mirror Hanging Ornament for Good Luck and Safe Driving in 2019.

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