Which Chinese Zodiac Sign Is The Prettiest?

Both men and women want to be good-looking and attractive. A pretty person can always attract people's attention no matter what he/she does. Then which Chinese zodiac signs are the prettiest?


Rabbit is a very gentle sign and people under this sign are sensible, rational and nice-looking. The pretty face of Rabbit sign is not just talk. Perhaps the pretty faces of Rabbit people are not conspicuous yet very distinctive and easy on eyes. For many people, the first impression of Rabbit is rather pleasant and comfortable -- a pretty good visual experience. Rabbit people are as harmless as the adorable little girl next door. But they are in fact not cowardly at all! Behind the weak appearance is the strong mind.


Snake is an elegant and smart sign. The Snake people are quick-witted enough to come up with wicked ideas. Of course, people of Snake sign are good-looking, mainly due to their inborn temperament which really adds a lot to face score. Their first visual expression is also very nice. Those born in the Snake years seem to be self-righteous, making most people think they are tough to deal with. Indeed, Snakes would look at people with blinkers.


The considerate Sheep tend to bear patiently and use everything in the past as a foreshadowing for the planning of future life. In fact, Sheep people often think long-term and look to the far future. As a pretty sign, they are nice-looking and get even more charming as times passes. Maybe you will find that those born in Sheep years are quite silent at the very beginning and give you fewer chances to observe carefully. But as you get along with them over time, you will find them more and more charming. 


The good look of Rooster mainly lies in the angular face and slim figure. Many think the faces of Rooster people are just angular, far from attractive, and some even dislike this kind of face. But this kind of angular face is rather exclusive and bears careful looking -- it is less distinctive yet good enough to the refined taste. It is a kind of beauty with strong personal characteristics.