Which Chinese Zodiac Signs Are Lazy?

Living in a fast-paced society, many people want to snatch a little leisure from a busy life. Different requirements for life lead to varied lifestyles. Some people work hard and have no leisure at all while some postpone everything to the last minute. Let's figure out the lazy signs in Chinese zodiac.


Those under the Pig sign are lazy in daily life. In real life, the Pig people, who are open-minded, less competitive and in lack of devotion to take action, always appear to be a step slow and just reach the borderline for everything. With a desire for the simple life, they think being up to standard is enough and a proper degree of laziness can save a lot of trouble for them, making others speechless. Their laziness can be interpreted as being squeamish. In their view, someone will do the dirty work for them as long as they act like a spoiled child, either by shedding a few tears or faking a tummy ache. In fact, they are lazy because they are spoiled.


Roosters are also lazy in everyday life. Those under the Rooster sign look rather smart and capable but they are actually severe procrastinators. They would indefinitely delay things that should be done in time, and find perfect excuses for their laziness. They would not rush to deal with tasks unfinished until the normal life is affected, making people speechless. The laziness of Rooster people are caused physiologically -- they speak, work and respond slowly and inefficiently. While others have climbed to the mountaintop, they might be halfway up. On top of that, they are not worried at all even if fall behind. Instead they would walk slowly and enjoy the beautiful scenery -- sit down to eat when hungry and tumble into bed when tired.


Rabbit is another lazy sign in Chinese zodiac. In daily life, those under the Rabbit sign tend to leave a good impression -- men smart in their dress while women dressed up. Personally they are quite lazy, mainly in terms of tasks assigned. In general, Rabbit people would deal with the tasks assigned in a perfunctory manner and lose no time to make perfect excuses for their laziness once spotted, which makes others quite speechless.

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My Day sign states I'm a wood tiger. So I'm suppose to be all self-assured, hard-working, selfless, unrealistically optimistic, outspoken, extroverted person. But in reality, I'm just an emotionless, self-centered, lazy and depressed loner who's avoidant around almost every stranger and has a hard time building up true friendships. Could this be due to my other zodiac signs in my 4 pillars? (Goat in my month and Snake in my hour) Could it be due to my bad luck? Or could it just be another one of those "Reality is often disappointing" situations..?