What Chinese Zodiac Signs Are The Best Liars?

In daily life, some people are really good at telling lies no matter where they are. Step by step, no one trusts them and no one wants to befriend with them. Then what zodiac signs are the best liars that you can’t trust?


Roosters are very good at pretending. Despite the honest, trustworthy and reliable appearance, they are in fact good at lying. And no one knows what their inner thought might be. Perhaps you can see through others' lies right off, but not those by the Rooster people -- they can tell a lie so confidently that they are convinced by themselves! Those born in the Rooster years are very good at dealing with people. It can be said that they just speak out of both sides of their mouth! They are skilled in echoing other people's views, making the latter misinterpret it as they like to be with them but it is just talk. No matter what a Rooster promises to you, don't take it seriously because it will never be fulfilled! As one of the best liars, people under Rooster sign can say everything to fawn over you. Leaders often look favorably on Rooster people but would finally find out that they are not honest at all.


Monkeys, known for their intelligence and tact, intend to tell lies and even use deceptive tactics in order to achieve their purpose. No matter what kind of people they treat, they have their own methods. It can be said that Monkey people are extremely cunning and they are fast talkers, so be careful when you mix with them. People born in the Monkey years seem to lie naturally. They don't mean to deceive others, or to be malicious -- telling lies is just a habit which they cannot shake off. What's worse, they even despise the victims of their lies and blame the latter for their low IQ.


Dragon people have conflicting feelings. On the one hand, they hate other people's lying and would get cross for being fooled by those lies. But on the other hand, they intend to tell lies themselves when they find it hard to express clearly. Moreover, Dragons are rather brilliant in lying logically, leaving nothing to chance. 


The slippery and worldly Horse people are natural socializers who can befriend and talk with anyone. Sincerity is nowhere near enough to develop this kind of social skill. Horses often do things in a big way and they are concerned about face-saving. In order to make a boast of their skills, they would exaggerate things and tell lies inevitably for direct benefits and a feeling of satisfaction.