Which Chinese Zodiac Sign is The Meanest?

Diligence and frugality are a good habit and it's not wrong to be saving, but money is to be spent while it should be. Being stingy will only make your friends despise you. Then which Chinese zodiac sign is the meanest?


When it comes to the meanest signs, Rooster rightly ranks the top. Chinese people would use ''an iron cock'' to express a stingy person -- this is right on the button. With quick wits, Rooster people can make considerable income in work and have a strong ability to save money. In daily life, the thrifty Roosters would choose the cheapest no natter what they buy and they would lose no time to the supermarket for sales. Also, they are very mean to others and would calculate every expenditure for a long time. Besides, people of Rooster sign are narrow-minded and they would not allow anyone to take advantage of them in any little things in the business deals. Rooster people pay special attention to money and one of their hobbies is counting money secretly in their rooms.


Born with a good luck for money, Rat people will never get well out of pocket. They are not better than those who are as mean as a miser. Just like the misers, those born in the years of Rat watch their wallets so closely that no one can cash in on their money. With very tight budgets for every expenditure, they would try to buy the best bargain with the least money. Even if their friends are in trouble and need financial support, the stingy Rats may not lend to help.


In the eyes of outsiders, the dominating Tiger people are passionate, lively and generous. But Tigers are in fact very stingy, especially for family and friends. This quality is clearly perceived by those close to them.


Snake is an insidious and cunning sign and those under Snake sign value money above anything else. Snake people would not spend a cent when go out with others. Instead, they will make various excuses for others to pay. They will check the projects costing money again and again in work and quarrel over any slip-up! Besides, people of Snake sign would rather borrow from others than lend to others. So be careful not to be trapped by your Snake friend!