Which Chinese Zodiac is considered the luckiest in Feng Shui Period 9?

The “Three Cycles and Nine Periods” takes 180 years to complete a full cycle.  By 2023, Period 8 came to an end, and the next cycle (Period 9) starts. Many Chinese zodiac signs will see a change in their fortune. Let’s see which Chinese zodiac signs will have the best fortune in Period 9 starting from 2024.
As of 2024, the overall fortune of the Roosters will be on the rise, unlike the previous unlucky situation. The most enviable thing will be their financial luck. It will be very easy for them to make money, and their income will be very high. They will be free of financial pressure. Although the Roosters are rich and with high income, they will still be very thrifty, so they can save more money. Their career performance will also be very good, and they will make a great progress, because the Roosters are very willing to work hard in the workplace, and more efforts result in a greater harvest, and they will not let the leadership disappointed. For Roosters, it will become much easier after 2024 and they will have a chance to live the life they want.
The Period 9 will be favorable to the Snakes. The Snakes are born with good career and wealth fortune. Their zodiac sign belongs to the Fire Element of the Five Elements. As of 2024, their overall fortune will be good, and they can meet good opportunities in all aspects, and their life will get better and better. Although the Snakes are more arrogant and tend to look down on others, they can still get a lot of help from other people, so that they can have a better development. In the face of difficulties, the Snakes will not be afraid, and they will always have a good performance, so that their career development will be steady and the achievement will be outstanding. With the continuous efforts, the income of the Snakes will continue to increase, and their weal will roll in. Additionally, the Snakes are quite ambitious, and they are very interested in the financial management so that they seize the good opportunities to make money and get a high return from their investment. Generally, the Snakes will be quite lucky and blessed as of 2024.
After experiencing the year of clash with Tai Sui in 2023, people born under the zodiac animal sign of the Horse will have a very good luck as of 2024. In particular, in terms of finance, relying on their own efforts, they can make plenty of money. People are under the impression that the Horses are smart and serious. Additionally, with the assistance of the patrons, they will not miss any good opportunity at work to make more and more money and improve their reputation. They will also have good results in relationship, and they will get along with their partners better and better. They will be very likely to conceive a baby. The arrival of new children can greatly improve the fortune of the Horses, and they can make money at ease, so their life quality will be improved greatly.
People born under the zodiac sign of the Pig have always been very lucky and blessed with good fortune, making people around them envious. As of 2024, the Pigs will have better luck, and their probability of success will be higher; they will be free of worry about money matters. The Pigs will be more relaxed than many people in the pursuit of wealth, and they can seize every opportunity to make a lot of money, so they will be free of worry about money in life. In the workplace, they can work hard to prove their own strength and solve any difficult problems so that they can get the appreciation of their leadership and get a lot of opportunities for promotion and salary increase. As long as the Pigs do not give up, they will certainly have better development, living an ideal life.

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