Which Is The Most Powerful Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Everyone has a different life path. Some can be down and out in the whole life; some may lead a normal life while some are born to lead, whether in daily life or work! Which is the most powerful Chinese zodiac sign? Which zodiac signs are born leaders? Let’s read and find out.


Whether in ancient or modern China, Dragon has been considered to be a symbol of power and leadership. For this reason, Dragon people are generally gifted with natural leadership. Of great abilities and passion for work and without fear of hardship, they would move forward step by step to achieve their goals and finally become the powerful leaders!


Rabbit people are best known for their docile, kind and low-key disposition. But what you may not expect is that, their rather low-key exterior hides the domineering side! In work, people under the Rabbit sign are unyielding and gifted with natural leadership, making them the powerful leaders!


Tiger, the king of all beasts, represented powerful officials in ancient China. Perhaps those under the Tiger sign always appear to be overbearing in daily life. But it is undeniable that Tiger people are born with the leadership at work! Moreover, Tigers are quite capable in work and they can get the tough work done without striking a blow. In addition, they have amazing determination and a sense of justice, pushing them to power step by step!


Those under the Horse sign believe that "the early bird catches the worm." No matter what they do, they would take one step ahead, or they will feel uneasy. What others seem impossible to accomplish can be done easily by Horse people. Benefiting from their daily accumulation, they can always rise abruptly when they need to show their abilities. Of superior learning ability and creativity, Horses can exceed people's expectation as long as they want to do something. So once they want to be in power, they can get it any minute.