Luckiest Chinese Zodiac in April, 2021

There are usually some zodiac signs enjoy very good luck in each month. What are the luckiest Chinese zodiac signs in April, 2021?


Guys born with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox are generally phlegmatic, slow to warm up and unsociable in character, and they often suffer from some troubles due to their expression skills, blunt and honest temperament. Sometimes, the opportunities that should have belonged to them often end up in the hands of others, and the honest Ox guys will not compete or fight for the opportunities. On the contrary, they would continue to compromise in the face of this situation. In April, the interpersonal relationship for people born with the Chinese zodiac Ox will be completely favored by good fortune, and they will become a sociable “dark horse” in the workplace. The proposed cooperation projects under negotiation will be promoted quickly, and the Ox will get a satisfactory result.


As a saying goes, "to stick one’s neck out". Guys born with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger are outstanding and ambitious in career and competent at work. However, they often encounter some “backstabbers/schemers” in the workplace because they don’t know how to cover up and conceal their ambitions or talents. This not only diminishes the Tigers’ enthusiasm and passion for career, but also make the zodiac Tigers start to doubt their own competence and abilities. Well, in April, Tigers will definitely become a dark horse in the workplace. Not only will they sprint forward in the work performance, but also their tough and picky colleagues around them will give way and make detours. Tigers will also be appreciated and promoted by their supervisors, hence a raise in salary.


People born with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Snake are often troubled and bothered with the issue of relationship. The zodiac Snakes are often cold on the outside yet warm within. They are very serious and cautious in the face of relationship. They are often considerably warm under the disguise of indifferent appearance. In April, the zodiac Snakes will become a “dark horse” in relationship; instead, they will no longer be trapped in the boytox period, and will boldly show their own individuality. In the face of the attractive opposite sex, Snakes will also take the initiative to open their arms and hearts to show their own charms and the interaction between the two people will achieve an unexpectedly good result.


Guys born with the Chinese zodiac sign of the Pig (or the Boar) are not good at financial management, and they often live from paycheck to paycheck. In the daily life, they usually pretend to be financially rich and take the initiative to pay for the meals when dinning together with others. When they cannot make ends meet, the quality of their lives would go downhill all the way. With the advent of April, the financial fortune of the zodiac Pig will go uphill all the way. Whether it is the luck in making money from their main businesses sources or the luck in getting money unexpectedly, both lucks will favor the zodiac Pigs enormously. The zodiac Pig guys will not only get good returns through their daily investment and other means of financial management, but also get help from their friends to develop the part-time businesses. As such, they will be a “dark horse” in the luck in wealth in April.

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