Which Chinese Zodiac Sign Is The Craziest?

A person's life style has much to do with his/her character. Some people just accept mediocrity and enjoy the stable life while others think that life is short and they would try something different to enrich the life. In recent years, there is a popular saying that goes like this: do something crazy when you're still young. Such an attitude to life is held by three signs in the Chinese zodiac -- to live a life with no regrets, they dare to try crazy things.


Rat is a very motivated and smart sign. People under the Rat sign like to try new things. As long as they are interested in something, they would try first. A lot of people think Rats are impetuous. In fact, Rat people just hate to have any regrets: if they fail, at least they have tried; if they succeed, they get another asset in life. In their eyes, life means to do something crazy, or it will be stagnant. Because of this, they would rather try crazily than miss any chance. This is the secret of success of Rat people.


Don't be taken in by the poker face of those under the Snake sign -- they are actually crazy inside! They are quite smart and business-minded. They would try all kinds of things crazily until they figure out what they really want to do and what they are suited to. Once they set goals they will take action as planned. It can be said that the experienced Snake people with brilliant social skills can always get help from others. The aspiring Snakes would neither rest content with the status quo nor leave regrets behind. Their wealth tends to grow with their endless attempts.


Tiger is one of the craziest zodiac signs. People under the Tiger sign are passionate for everything and appear to be in high spirits all the time. They hope to be worshipped by others. Therefore, they usually pay more efforts than other people and dare to try what others dare not to do, just to prove how brave and superior they are. Tiger people do this because they are domineering and possessive by nature. In the process, they get more chances to success. Also, they keep enriching their lives and would act immediately on their minds, so as not to leave regrets behind. For almost all the Tiger people, life is just a big party and an endless journey to find fun. This is the craziest bellwether. Most of them would go to underground clubs with their companions.